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Listen to Visto and Pinky KillaCorn’s New Slow-Banger, “What Hippie What”

"Pinky ain't no bad bitch/Boo, I'm a goddess, a hipstress, a savage."

The Breaks: This Week in Local Hip-Hop

Diamond District's got a new remix LP, and Yung Gleesh might have released his most bizarre and hilarious video to date.

The Breaks: This Week’s DMV Hip-hop Happenings for Friday the 13th

This Friday the 13th edition of the Breaks features new music from Tone P and Visto, Chaz French’s video debut, and a few words about upcoming shows from the Game and Kelis. Oh yeah, and Wale teased some new music. Even on ominous Fridays, these are the breaks.
Tone P on the Mic
Most know Tone P from [...]

Watch: “Witcha,” Visto’s Tale of Betrayal

If his lyrics are to be believed, Visto needs some new friends. On "Witcha,"  a standout track from last summer's Before Euphoria, the local rapper/singer (recall last year's XX-rated "How That Pxssy Taste") spins a lurid tale of deception. "I once had a Caddy that I got from my daddy," he rhymes, "but the Cane to my [...]

Listen: Visto, Before Euphoria

Visto made waves this spring with "How That Pxssy Taste," a seedy strip-club jam that we called one of D.C.'s defining summer jams. His lovelorn second single, "Fxcking Around," found Visto struggling with the hard rules of monogamy.
On his new album, Before Euphoria—released today—the MC and vocalist sounds chill almost throughout, rapping verses just as easily as [...]

DMV Beats: Glizzy’s Shyness, Visto’s Issues, and the Return of Kingpen Slim

The View From Glizzy's Block
The Shy in Shy Glizzy stands for Streets Hottest Youngin, but it's been noted that he's soft spoken in person—and there's some definite shyness going on in this interview, done right in the heart of his 37th Street SE neighborhood. His musical persona remains as brash and quasivillainous as ever, though. [...]

Listen: D.C.’s Summer Jams

Look, summer jams are a thing. A stupid thing, maybe; a "bullshit media construct," as Esquire (rightly) put it last year. But summer is also a construct. It’s a state of mind—a drunken one fed by U Street Tacos and lowbrow bangers. People do dumb things in the summer, like wear brown flip-flops and set [...]

DMV Beats: Visto, SmCity, Laelo, SK

Visto's Vibe
The beginning of Visto's new video is smooth, comedic, and pimpin' at the same time. A white Jaguar pulls up on H Street NE. The driver opens the rear passenger door, and the rapper steps out in paisley-print board shorts, brown boots, and a bow tie. His wardrobe doesn't match his ride. There’s a [...]