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ToDo ToDay: Real Estate, Pig Pen Theatre Co., and Two Trains Running

New Jersey’s Real Estate may have the most generic band name since the Music, but that doesn’t mean the group’s sound is ordinary. Its latest album, Atlas, is an extension of its 2011 record Days: The easygoing psych-pop songs brim with clear guitar tones and soft vocals. The acoustics at the 9:30 Club are good for a [...]

ToDo ToDay: Paul Weller! Beyoncé!

"What’s made Paul Weller such a hero in England is his Englishness,” the dean of American rock critics, Bob Christgau, once wrote of Paul Weller when reviewing Snap, the last album by Weller’s first band, The Jam. There’s nothing novel about rockers of Weller’s generation—he's 55—continuing to record and tour. What is unusual is for punters [...]