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The Best Images of 2012

Sometimes one image is enough to carry an exhibit. Here are my picks for the Top 10 images that appeared in photographic exhibits in D.C. in 2012.
1. Frank Hallam Day, ship hull images, Addison/Ripley Gallery
It’s difficult to choose the better of Day’s two photographs of ship hulls in “Waterline,” an exhibit loosely organized around the [...]

Reviewed: “Markets” and “24 Hours East of the River” at PhotoWorks

Glen Echo’s PhotoWorks Gallery is hosting two simultaneous exhibitions that are nominally about community, but which take strikingly divergent courses. Alec Dann’s “Markets” lovingly documents fruits and vegetables on display at local farmers’ markets, carefully arranging them into standardized matrices in ways that play off the items’ divergent colors and textures. Except for some mild oddities, [...]