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How’d D.C. Do in the Village Voice’s Music Poll? Not So Hot.

The Village Voice's annual Pazz + Jop list of the year's best albums and songs isn't the only way to measure a given city's musical impact on the wider culture, and it's certainly not the best method. But this year's poll, which included ballots from hundreds of critics, certainly tells you something about how much (or [...]

How’d D.C. Do in Pazz + Jop?

The results of The Village Voice's annual Pazz + Jop poll—aka the annual compendium of critical opinion that, given that it drops a month after every other top 10 list, only music scribes truly care about—are out. But how did D.C. do?
First, the albums list: Wild Flag, the so-punk-rock/kinda-classicist supergroup featuring two-thirds of Sleater-Kinney and D.C.'s own [...]

How Did D.C. Critics Vote in Pazz and Jop?

So you've been sick of reading about the best albums of 2010 for several weeks now: That means it's time for Pazz and Jop! The Village Voice's annual mega/meta-list of the year's best albums and singles is now online and, the winners are...well, you know who won. Albums: It's the guy who won every list. [...]

Perhaps the Funniest-Ever Summary of Nation of Ulysses?

In a post on "Ten Bands From The '90s That Haven't Reunited," the Village Voice's Zach Baron and Rob Harvilla have this to say about D.C.'s Ian Svenonius and his Nation of Ulysses:
NoU ... were the most exciting of any of Svenonius's endeavors–the most outlandish, the most creative, the most aggressive, the most well dressed. [...]

Ted Leo Inching Toward Retirement? On the Difficulties of Middle-Class Indie Rocking

UPDATE | 1:04 P.M.: He ain't retiring—just doing what he's been saying he'd eventually be doing for a while: cooling it. Leo writes on the Pharmacists' website: "One thing I don’t want to have happen, is to wake up turning 50, and have to just be starting this conversation then. I’m looking at things realistically, [...]

The Quotable Jules Feiffer: Highlights from the Cartoonist’s Talk at Politics and Prose

Jules Feiffer spoke to a full, mostly gray-haired audience yesterday at Politics and Prose, after appearing on "The Diane Rehm Show" earlier in the day.  He read from his Backing into Forward, his new autobiography (pages 80-84, to be precise, and you can buy a CD recording from the bookstore if you want to hear [...]

R.I.P. Alan Carton: “Did It Leak?” Struck Fear Into Hearts of Publicists

Alan Carton, the 23-year-old wunderkind behind the Web site Did It Leak?, is dead of complications from cancer. For the last two years and under the cover of anonymity, Carton worked himself into the go-to source for leaked albums. Fresh, hot, indie, major label, hip-hop, noise-rock, whatever—Carton had a nose for finding torrents before anyone [...]

Arts Morning Roundup: Jabez vs. Lemmy and the Merits of ‘Honky Tonk Badonkadonk’

Morning, y'all! At the top of the news pile: WaPo's Dave Malitz almost missed his date with Bob Dylan, but then didn't! Also, my niece, who is 4 years old, does not "get" VHS.
Tony Millionaire's potty mouth, the legacies of Leo Strauss and Lemmy, the scarcity of female comedy writers, Trace Adkins: Comic Book Hero, [...]