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Thursday Twofer: Jazz Setlist, April 16-22

See MacArthur genius Vijay Iyer play live at Sixth & I

Jazz Setlist, March 7-13: Jazzquester

If everybody else can make a stupid fake word out of "sequester," so can I.
Friday, March 8
"Holding It Down: The Veterans’ Dreams Project" premiered last September in New York and was immediately acclaimed. A long-form, multimedia performance collaboration between Vijay Iyer—the much-talked about, award-winning jazz artist of the moment—and poet Mike Ladd, it's a difficult, [...]

Jazz Setlist, April 28-May 4: Potpourri

Friday, April 29
A regular visitor to D.C., Chuchito Valdés is the scion of a great musical dynasty. He was born in Havana in 1966 to the great Cuban jazz pianist Chucho Valdés, who is the son of Bebo Valdés—the founding father of Cuban jazz piano. His father and grandfather were Chuchito's first teachers; he was [...]

The 2010 Top 10, Jazz Division

I have never put so much effort and anguish into a year-end list of CDs as I did this time. That it was such a bloody mess trying to whittle them down to 10 can only mean that 2010 was an extraordinarily good year for recordings. God knows there were dozens on my shelf that [...]

Photos: Tirtha @ The Mansion at Strathmore

Yesterday, Jazz Setlist previewed Vijay Iyer's piano/guitar/tabla trio Tirtha. Here are a few images from the show at the cozy Mansion at Strathmore, where a capacity audience was treated to a unique blend of jazz and Indian classical music.

Jazz Setlist, April 29 – May 5: Vijay Iyer, Marcus Strickland and More

Thursday, April 29
Pianist Vijay Iyer, perhaps the moment's most critically acclaimed jazz musician under 40, has taken several different paths with his music, including extensive work with avant-garde visionaries Steve Coleman and Wadada Leo Smith. Among his most frequent and fruitful explorations, though, is of his Indian heritage, filtered through jazz's language. It's something he's [...]

Jazz Setlist, Feb. 4 – 10: Wolf Trap Sandwich

Feb. 5
The temptation to compare Hiromi Uehara, aka Hiromi, to Lady Gaga is awfully strong. Not because of the music, but because they share a unique and ostentatious fashion sense that does much to define both their images. Unlike Gaga, though, Hiromi ultimately defines herself with her music. Jazz is unlikely to find a [...]