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Avi Gupta’s Fabrics Keep Their Human Touch at the Corcoran

It’s tempting to turn Avi Gupta’s photographic series “There Is Here” into a parlor game, but it’s best to resist.
Gupta—a D.C.-based photographer whose Corcoran College of Art and Design exhibit is a return to the school where he was a member of the first-ever photojournalism BFA class—photographed Bengali homes in the D.C. area and in Kolkata, [...]

Local Artists Interpret Beijing in Transformer’s “Atmosphere”

Befitting the shoebox-sized Transformer gallery, the current exhibit “Atmosphere” is small, but it packs a punch.
The exhibit, which consists of just seven works by four artists, stems from a two-week visit to China last summer organized and funded in part by a D.C. Commission on the Arts & Humanities Sister Cities International Art Grant. (Beijing [...]

Watch: Pig Destroyer’s Crazy, Ape-Centric New Video

Pig Destroyer, perhaps D.C.'s most beloved local metal band, has a darkly stylish new video for "The Diplomat"—from the band's new album, Book Burner—that features Kubrickian apes, creepy dudes in a space Mercedes, and a kick-ass action scene. It all adds up to a pithy critique of the beasts we are and the beasts we [...]

How to Tell That X.O.’s “Good Vibes” Video Was Shot in D.C.

It's not the Durkl shirt (1). It's the trash and recycling cans (2). They're like co-stars.
WATCH X.O.'s "Good Vibes" after the jump:

Grussle Shows That 14th Street Is Still Good for Something

When record stores no longer exist—except as holograms in some sort of virtual backwater where only the nerdiest of record nerds would dare to go—we'll look fondly upon this low-key "producer digs out a record and makes a beat from it" video featuring DMV producer Grussle (aka E-Minah) and produced by Anthony "Gadget" Mims' [...]

Reviewed: Ken D. Ashton, Kate MacDonnell, and Terri Weifenbach at Civilian Art Projects

The title “Time & Land” describes with precision this exhibit of photographic works by Ken D. Ashton, Kate MacDonnell, and Terri Weifenbach at Civilian Art Projects: The artists explore, in their own way, the passage of time on the land. MacDonnell’s works are hobbled by needlessly claustrophobic wood frames and an indifferent color palette, but her [...]

Six Recent DMV Hip-Hop Videos Ranked in Order of Sincerity

1. SmCity featuring Pro'verb, "My Own Boss"
Of all the rap videos that prominently feature Malcolm X imagery, at least 99 percent are sincere.

SmCity Wants You to Watch the Whole Video

At first glance, D.C. rapper SmCity seems all confused in this video for "Twilight," a track from his upcoming The Indie Life: Hate, Love & Money. He's sportin' a limited-edition Nats hat, but that hometown W kinda gets lost in all those Brooklyn Bridge shots. And his sideman is Brooklyn MC Skyzoo. Why shoot the [...]

Reviewed: “Directions: Grazia Toderi” at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

Grazia Toderi, an Italian video artist, presents two large-scale works at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, each of them fantastical and distinctly unsettling. Orbite Rosse (Red Orbits, 2009), projected in almost total darkness, features a multi-layered brew of photographic and filmed imagery, primarily city lights as seen from a distance. Far from romantic, these [...]

Video: The Ambulars on the Road

Like the best road treks, this cool video tour diary from locals The Ambulars goes from calm—sad-robot harmonies, ponderous landscapes, weird analog synth noises—to chaotic, with tortured, twisted riffs and parking-lot pyrotechnics. Big ups to the middle portion ("Marianne and Ferdinand"), whose bookish girl-boy vox briefly reignited my love of mid-'90s Midwestern indie pop.