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In Photography and Video, a Moody Paean to Washington’s Metro System

Slow pans, zooming headlights, and those damn escalators.

Arts Roundup: Bones Edition

National Mall bone display draws attention to global genocide. [Post]
Exorcist author says Georgetown University doesn't deserve to call itself Catholic. [Huffington Post]
Malmaison has been hosting concerts and parties for months, and this month it's finally opening. [Washingtonian]
Fort Knox cartoon strip comes to the Washington Post. [Comic Riffs]
The Post reviews the debut novel of D.C. novelist Elliott [...]

Reviewed: Victoria Fu at Flashpoint Gallery

Victoria Fu, a San Diego-based video artist, is one of two artists currently showing in D.C. whose works explore the odd disjointedness and layering seen in today’s ubiquitous electronic devices. But unlike Matthew Mann, whose Hamiltonian Gallery show draws upon a wide range of painterly influences dating back centuries, Fu’s video works pay homage to [...]

Reviewed: “Outward Reach” at Art Museum of the Americas

To mark the golden jubilee of Jamaica’s independence, the Art Museum of the Americas has turned to an eclectic mix of photographers and visual artists who have one foot in Jamaica and another in the United States. Jacqueline Bishop offers a series of digital photomontages of crumbling estates mashed up with antique photographs, the best [...]

Reviewed: Nira Pereg at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

Nira Pereg’s video work “67 Bows” is manipulative, in both a literal sense and an emotional one. Pereg, a young native of Tel Aviv who studied in the United States before returning to Israel, has produced a loop video featuring a flock of flamingos in Germany’s Karlsruhe Zoo. (Warning: spoiler alert coming.) To footage of [...]

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat With Kevin Ward

Kevin Ward has a good description of his weekly Web comic strip on his website, so I'm going to lift parts of it to introduce him. "Retail Gods is the story of the Book Pit, a bookstore infested by penguins that only the workers can see. It may be a slightly atypical [...]