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Jazz Setlist, May 10-16: Smorgasbord

Friday, May 11
Iraq. Let's start with that word. There is probably no place in America where it's not an intensely politicized noun. And in D.C.? My God, forget it. And yet, paradoxically, that may make our fair city a crucial testing ground for the new music of Amir El-Saffar. The trumpeter was born in Chicago [...]

Jazz Setlist, April 12-18: JAM Jams

That's right, Washington, it's Jazz Appreciation Month! Now get out there and appreciate some jazz!
Thursday, April 12
The first thing you'll likely notice about Hiromi Uehara, who goes by just her first name when performing, is that she upends the ongoing jazz-dress-code debate. But if you're doing it right—you know, listening—the second thing you'll notice is [...]

“Every Note Is a Choice”: A Chat With Andrew D’Angelo

Andrew D'Angelo is an inspired composer and bandleader, and a pretty impressive singer as well. But it's as an instrumentalist that he truly shines, with a sound on alto saxophone and bass clarinet like no other. On a blindfold test, you can pick D'Angelo out in two notes; on the bandstand, he rivets you with [...]

Jazz Setlist, March 29-April 4: Eclectical

Thursday, March 29
To achieve a name like "Captain Fingers," you've either got to be a top-line porn star, or one hell of a guitar player. Lee Ritenour doesn't seem to have any screen credits. Guitar player it is. And he's truly stratospheric in his ability—possessing enough of a rock veneer that he was brought in [...]

Tonight at Bohemian Caverns: The Balbed Benefit

Already boasting an impressive resume on the D.C. jazz scene, tenor saxophonist Elijah Balbed added another major entry in June: artist in residence at Bohemian Caverns. The fourth such artist since club owner/manager Omrao Brown began the residency program last November, Balbed's monthlong tenure was truncated—and overshadowed—by the presence of the DC Jazz Festival [...]

DC Jazz Festival 2011: Postmortem

Music festivals tend to be backloaded, primarily to keep people coming back for more, but as a nice side effect it keeps the most happening stuff fresh for critics who do post-festival wrap-ups. Thus this writer is basking in the afterglow of last night's smash "A Night in Treme"—maybe the first time an event at [...]

DC Jazz Festival, Night 9: Victor Provost Synthesis Quartet

Let's go out on a limb and say that Victor Provost is one of the best things about the D.C. jazz scene. Not that there are a lot of direct comparisons to make: How many jazz steelpan players are there anywhere, let alone in the District (where there's only one)? Without doubt, however, Provost will [...]

Victor Provost Out at JoJo, In at the Recording Studio

Victor Provost is one of this city's most unique jazz talents: D.C.'s only bebop steelpan drummer. For about a year, he's been holding down Tuesday nights at JoJo Restaurant and Bar on U Street, mostly with his trio (Eric Wheeler on bass, Nate Jolley on drums). CapitalBop reported in October that Provost would be cutting [...]

DC Jazz Festival: Jazz N’ Families Fun Day

Jazz N' Families Fun Day is one of the trademark events of the DC Jazz Festival, a weekend-long calendar of kid-friendly activities and music. This year, as last year, it takes place at the Phillips Collection, so the young ones can get a perspective on the relationship between visual and musical arts — and if [...]

Jazz Setlist, April 1-7: Big Bad Bassists and More

Thursday, April 1
Yes, there is and will be an entry for Ron Carter in this column for every appearance he makes in town—he's earned it. Carter has been the most important bassist in jazz for nearly all of the 50-plus years he's been a part of it, including, of course, his work for Miles Davis' [...]