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Black Cat Hires a New Booker, Candice Jones

The Black Cat has found a new booker to take over for Vicki Savoula, the venue's longtime talent buyer who left the club in early August to pursue a career in education.
Candice Jones will begin the job in late September or early October, owner Dante Ferrando says. Jones is a former Black Cat employee who [...]

Talent Buyer Vicki Savoula Leaving Black Cat

After 10 years booking music at the well-known rock club on 14th Street NW, Vicki Savoula is leaving Black Cat, effective Aug. 3.
She's not abandoning her perch for another club—Savoula, 33, is leaving the music business entirely, embarking on a new career in education. (When asked where she's headed, she declined to give specifics.) She [...]