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ToDo ToDay: Veronica Falls, Film Festivals, and Snow Day Boozin’

In indie-rock circles, fuzzy garage rock was all the rage last year. Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees got national attention, and thousands of young people found their summer soundtrack when Japandroids went on a long, successful tour. This year is poised to be all about dream pop, garage rock’s more sensitive, depressed cousin. The [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Beautiful Despair

Being called twee is kind of like being called a hipster: You never self-identify that way. In interviews, the members of London’s Veronica Falls frequently bristle at being lumped in with the cuddly indie-pop sound, and you can hear why. There may be jangly guitars and delicate boy-girl vocals throughout the band’s excellent debut on [...]

Arts Roundup: WaPo‘s Violated Loveseat Edition

Good morning! The Washington Post's Real Art D.C. contest has its first finalist! Joel D'Orazio takes my colleague Erin Petty's favorite kind of furniture—that'd be mid-century modern—and "violates" it, writes Jessica Dawson, which is to say he makes it look like props from a Tim Burton movie, but with tendrils. The contest kicked off in [...]