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This One Time, We All Got Bandanas: Bruuuuuuuuce Returns to D.C.

Bruce Springsteen was back at the Verizon Center for the first time in two and a half years last night to bind up our nation’s wounds once more. Also to send us home with our ears ringin’, our back achin’, and our sexual organs stimulated, to paraphrase some of the stage-patter he repeated [...]

The Black Keys @ Verizon Center

When I heard The Black Keys were playing an arena tour in support of their newest release, El Camino, I'll admit I was skeptical. Their songs may soundtrack lots of commercials, and they won a Grammy, but arenas are where people like Bruce Springsteen and Madonna play. Could these grown-up indie upstarts really pack the Verizon [...]

Remember the Radiohead Concert That Wasn’t a Disaster?

And now for a positive take on news Washington City Paper's competitors have decided to spin negatively. (When's the last time that happened?)
Radiohead is returning to D.C. on June 3 with a concert at the Verizon Center. If you're a member of the band's online store, W.A.S.T.E., you can buy tickets there on March 8. [...]

Arts Roundup: Lotus Flower Edition

Radiohead plays the Verizon Center June 3; tickets on sale this Saturday. [Radiohead]
Why you pay $100 or more to sit in some D.C. theaters [WaPo]
Another one: "Shit D.C. People Say" [For the DMV Only]
Is Michael Kaiser the Sun Tzu of nonprofit-arts management? [Michael Kaiser]
More on Rick Sordelet, the guy who created the fights in Studio [...]

Madonna Concert Sells Out, Second Show Added

Tickets to Madonna's Sept. 23 show at Verizon Center went on sale this morning—and sold out tout de suite, naturally (I even went on Fox 5 News to talk about it). But a second Madonna show has been added on Sept. 24. Yeah, this is not surprising at all. Tickets go on sale Feb. 21.

Pro Wrestler Alex Riley: From Badass to Babyface

Before sports-talk radio became ubiquitous, D.C.’s WTEM-AM helped pave the way in 1992. Emulating the grandfather of sports yak, WFAN-AM in New York City, Sports Radio 570— now Dan Snyder’s ESPN 980—gave shows to Tony Kornheiser and others, one of whom was former New York Jet Kevin Kiley (“Kiley and the Coach”). Kiley’s son, Kevin [...]

Photos: Roger Waters Performs The Wall at the Verizon Center

Pink Floyd bassist and singer Roger Waters wrote his 1979 ode to isolation, The Wall, because he hated playing stadiums. Following Floyd's fraught 1977 stadium tour, Rogers spoke of how he wished a wall could be erected between the band and its audience. Clearly he's long made peace with his issue, because he's playing nothing [...]

Photos: Taylor Swift @ Verizon Center

Yesterday was the first night of Taylor Swift's sold-out two-night stand at the Verizon Center. Swift played all of her hits with some crowd-pleasing gimmicks thrown in—namely, playing a few songs in the middle of one of the lower-level concourses, surrounded by fans, then making her way down to the floor and playing to the [...]

Photos: Alicia Keys @ Verizon Center

There was no Stephen Colbert cameo during Alicia Keys' set last night at the Verizon Center, but there was still some additional star power in the house. This was yet another phone-booth event attended by members of the Obama family, in this case the First Lady and the Obama daughters. There was quite a stir [...]

Photos: Jay-Z @ Verizon Center

About three songs into the performance last night, a fan somehow got onstage—"I don't know where the hell he came from," a Verizon Center staffer said afterward—and rushed Jay-Z, before being unceremoniously thrown off the high stage by a bodyguard (he was shaken up, but fine). If you're looking for photos of that excitement, they're [...]