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Arts Roundup: Jane Chu Edition

After a far too long delay, President Obama has nominated somebody for the National Endowment for the Arts' top post. His pick: Kansas City's Jane Chu. [Post]
Not every congressman is glued to House of Cards. [Post]
Veep's Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Joe Biden, best pals. [Huffington Post]
Ever heard of The Playgirls? [Post]
The post reviews Hailu Mergia's Millennium [...]

Arts Roundup: Silo Edition

Local cabdriver/rock star Hailu Mergia talks music with booker Jim Thomson. [Vinyl District]
An oral history of The Beatles' D.C. invasion [Post]
Hey, it's local native Dave Grohl (and some other famous people) playing The Beatles. Nope, The Beatles stuff ain't stopping anytime soon. [Spin]
Michael Kaiser says: Beware of silos, arts organizations! [Huffington Post]
New Veep trailer, folks. [Huffington Post]
The Washington Post [...]

Arts Roundup: Dying Gaul Edition

House of Cards and Veep nominated for Golden Globes; Homeland gets zilch. [Washingtonian]

The Butler got snubbed, too. [Post]
The Caps make a "Jingle Bells" video. [Huffington Post]
In this interview with DCist, Bikini Kill's Kathleen Hanna talks about The Punk Singer, D.C., Santigold, Janelle Monae, etc. [DCist]
ArtYards DC wraps up this weekend. [JDLand]
"The Dying Gaul," out of [...]

Inside the Box: D.C. TV Shows, Analyzed

While the District’s lack of film incentives has prevented it from attracting shows filmed in D.C., TV writers remain infatuated with lurid, trench coat-wearing Washington. This fall brought the premieres of two new D.C.-set shows (The Blacklist, Hostages)—and that’s in addition to the glut of D.C. shows that are already on the air. Spend some [...]

Arts Roundup: Veep Edition

Veep will film at the University of Maryland for the next two weeks. [Washingtonian]
Artist Craig Kraft buys a building in Anacostia; plans to turn it into work/live/gallery space. [Housing Complex]
D.C. Council honors the 9:30 Club. [DCist]
The National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts honors Rita Moreno amid shutdown. [Post]
Inside Eastern Market's Capitol Hill Books [WTOP]
Most of [...]

Meet Pete Papageorge, Capitol Hill Institution and Occasional On-Screen Badass

It’s a Saturday night at Kelly’s Irish Times on Capitol Hill, and Pete Papageorge is doing the same thing he’s done for 28 years: getting ready to play music for a bunch of drunks.
He decides to open with an Irish bar song.
While local dives like Hawk ‘n’ Dove have undergone a noticeable spit shine in [...]

Arts Roundup: Peak Bloom Edition

How Mingering Mike wound up in the Smithsonian [Post]
Local historian pens a history of Loudoun County African Americans who served in the Civil War. [Post]
Officials getting ready to predict the cherry blossoms' peak bloom time for the National Cherry Blossom Festival. [AP via WJLA]
The third annual (e)merge Art Fair now accepting applications. [Art 202]
Drunk History films [...]

Arts Roundup: Artisphere’s Sustainability Edition

Arlington County Manager Barbara Donnellan says she's "forcing" Artisphere "to reevaluate how they operate." [ArlNow]
Classical music critic Anne Midgette on music education in schools: It might be great for kids, but it doesn't necessarily turn them into future symphony subscribers. [Post]
The Anacostia totem pole serves as an odd tribute to Native American culture in a [...]

Arts Roundup: Obama Go-Go Edition

Emmy Awards for D.C.-set shows Homeland and Veep. [Variety]
Choreographer Dana Tai Soon Burgess is a D.C. treasure—and deserves a bigger spotlight. [Post]
Reacting to the alleged censorship of a Barack Obama sculpture by Melissa Ichiuji, Lenny Campello wonders why her Mitt Romney bust also didn't cause a stir. [Daily Campello]
National Book Festival packs 'em in. [Post]
Wind me up, [...]

Benefit of the Scout

With the close of its first season two Sundays ago on HBO, Veep—Armando Iannucci’s heroically profane comedy about the vice presidency—achieved a feat few television shows about Washington can claim: It’s pretty damned good. But it does have something in common with its D.C.-set forebears. For the most part, Veep was filmed elsewhere.
When the Veep [...]