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Arts Roundup: What Your Netflix Queue Says About You Edition

Arlington: Why do you love Death Race so much?
Good morning, Washington metro area! Your taste in movies is really, really boring!
Over the weekend, the New York Times posted a fascinating map of Netflix rental patterns by zip code in 12 American cities. The Washington region's (actually, every region's) No. 1 DVD rental from the service [...]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on Arts Desk: Vampire Weekend, Teddy Afro, Robert H. Smith

Boozing Along to Contra: The Vampire Weekend Drinking Game!
Teddy Afro, Ethiopia's Bob Marley, at the Armory Saturday
Arts Roundup: Are Vampire Weekend Jerks? Edition
New Songs for 2010: Free Music from Wale, XO, and Future Times
Critical Appreciation: Robert H. Smith, Arts Patron

Arts Roundup: Leno Is Moving, Vampire Weekend Is Brooding Edition

Good morning! Looks like Jay Leno's moving back to 11:35 p.m.—possibly in a half-hour show. What does that means for Conan O'Brien, Leno's Tonight Show replacement? Who knows? But O'Brien can't possibly be happy.
- Local rapper Don Juan is live—right now.
- The Smithsonian had 30 million visits in 2009, the Washington Post reports.
- City Paper contributor [...]

Boozing Along to Contra: The Vampire Weekend Drinking Game!

Next week brings the release of Contra, the much-anticipated follow-up to Vampire Weekend's eponymous 2008 breakthrough—and we'd bet our balaclavas most of you will listen to it in sobriety and solitude. Actually, chances are that, unless you were totally over the band by the time their first record dropped, you've already streamed the thing on [...]

Arts Roundup: Are Vampire Weekend Jerks? Edition

Good morning! Vampire Weekend, the world's most beloved/most reviled/only Ivy League Afro-pop band, is releasing its much-anticipated sophomore record, Contra, next week. Press copies just went out, and the band posted the entire disc to its MySpace page yesterday—meaning, a lot of you probably have this on your hard drive already. The band was smart to [...]

Don’t Overwork, Don’t Overthink: The Very Best @ DC9

Western pop music, says producer Johan Karlberg, "wouldn't be the same if we weren’t influenced by African or Middle Eastern music. But if you argue too much about these things, you’re thinking too hard and not listening."
Karlberg is Swedish, Etienne Tron (his partner in the production duo Radioclit) is French, singer Esau Mwamwaya is Malawian, and [...]

Leakproof: Mocky, Vampire Weekend, Usher

Vampire Weekend: "Horchata"
The singing crab from Disney's The Little Mermaid is going to be pissed. His lawyers are probably on the phone with Vampire Weekend's people right now, wondering why they failed to clear the use of his faux-Caribbean accent for "Horchata," the kickoff track from the New York–based band's upcoming LP, Contra. "You'd remember [...]

Rolling Stone reaches new lows with ‘Top 50 Albums’

With the new year comes not-so-new traditions: purging your closet of heinous holiday sweaters, resolving to dissolve your waistline and, if you're Rolling Stone , looking to Top 40 lists and tired-and-true troubadours to compile your list of the 50 "Best" Albums of the Year.

Music 2008: Melody Records Sells a Boatload of Madonna

Below: this year's top-sellers at Melody Records. Glad to see Gnarls on there; chagrined to see Coldplay; not surprised to see either; curious whether any other stores were able to move the Hancock album like this.

Madonna, Hard Candy
Coldplay, Viva la Vida
Erykah Badu, New Amerykah Part One
Vampire Weekend, Vampire Weekend
Portishead, Third
Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Hudson
Amy Winehouse, [...]

Interview: Vampire Weekend

Finding words to describe Vampire Weekend seems futile, since they've become the A-list blog stars of 2008. But in case your Internet has been disconnected since January, Vampire Weekend is the project of four Columbia-educated Upper West Side turned Brooklynites who play intoxicating indie pop imbued with Afro-beat inspired soukous rhythms and melodies. The band's [...]