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The Best D.C. Photography Exhibits of 2013

If you wanted to see good photography in D.C. in 2013, you had lots of options. Sweeping historical surveys? Sure. Tech-forward experiments? Yep. Landscapes, scientific images, personal explorations? Check, check, and check. Here, in descending order, are my picks for the best photographic exhibits in the Washington area this year.

1. “Black Box: Gerco de Ruijter” [...]

ToDo ToDay: Os Kuduristas, Passing Phases, The Whale, and Nature

Five-piece Angolan dance troupe Os Kuduristas aims to bring kuduro—an electronic genre that melds African polyrhythms with Caribbean soca and four-on-the-floor techno—to the rest of the world. Tonight, after a demonstration and workshop, the Kuduristas take on D.C. hip-hop dance crews Urban Artistry and Lionz of Zionz, with music provided by D.C. DJs Sol Power [...]

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Trickster‘s Andrew Cohen

Andrew Cohen is a small-press comic-book creator, and drew "The Yehasuri: The Little Wild Indians" for the Trickster anthology.  In this interview, he reveals he's working on a story about the Christian Heurich Mansion on Dupont Circle, which I'm looking forward to seeing. The Mansion, the former home of the D.C. Historical Society, is worth [...]