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Putting the Opera in Soap Opera: Three Decembers, Reviewed

Family drama that's sappy enough to draw sniffles but doesn't realize it's a parody.

UrbanArias’ Bastianello and Lucrezia, Reviewed

Sometimes being broke can be liberating. If you’re a smaller opera company with a limited budget, there are a number of directions you can go, all perfectly valid. You can do miniature versions of traditional operas, disposing of bit roles, whittling down orchestral scores to fit a string quartet. Or you can do chamber operas [...]

Composer Gregory Spears on Paul’s Case of Disaffected Dandyism

On Saturday, UrbanArias gives an opera treatment to “Paul’s Case,” Willa Cather’s 1905 short story that continues to make high school English class reading lists despite being seriously depressing. Cather’s “study in temperament,” or coming-of-age tale, tells of a Pittsburgh teen named Paul who is described as “dandy” with an “itch to let his instructors [...]

UrbanArias’ Photo Op, Reviewed

In an election year, especially in this town, it’s unavoidable that the arts should turn to politics for fodder. That fodder can be dramatic or comedic, but it’s usually the latter: See, for example, Red Hot Patriot at Arena Stage or The Campaign in any movie theater. Why should opera be any different—even if much [...]

ToDo ToDay: Silver Apples of the Moon

“Silver Apples of the Moon” is an ugly piece of music—when held up to traditional definitions of beauty, at least. But Morton Subotnick’s wacky 1967 composition defined “computer music” for a generation that hadn’t thought about it yet. Most Americans at that time were jamming to Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” and The Beatles’ “Penny Lane”; Subotnick, [...]

UrbanArias’ Smug, Depressing, and Hilarious DIY Opera Festival

It’s no small feat for a tiny, local company to stage a brand new opera for the first time and have it go off without a hitch. Keep that in mind, because that didn’t happen this weekend. There were some pretty big blunders at UrbanArias’ premiere of Positions 1956 on Friday: Stagehands barged onstage in [...]

ToDo ToDay: Bike Snob!

A reading from a book about bicycle commuting, right next to the Capital Crescent Trail in downtown Bethesda? Ordinarily, that sounds like a recipe for a lot of two-wheeled triumphalism. But maybe not when the author is Eben Weiss, better known to self-loathing cyclists as Bike Snob NYC, whose eponymous, hilarious blog about the joys, [...]

Kickstart This: Return to the Bayou

in which, in the spirit of our recent D.C. Giving Guide, we recommend some worthy Kickstarter projects

PROJECT: The Bayou: DC's Killer Music Joint, a documentary that a team of producers began working on in November 1998, less than two months before the Georgetown rock club shut its doors for good after operating for 45 years. The [...]