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ToDo ToDay: Latin American Film Festival, DC Shorts, and Tater Tots

Modern adaptations of Shakespeare can fail spectacularly if they’re not carefully directed. But in rare cases, when all the pieces fall into place, newer versions illuminate the Bard's truths. Argentine filmmaker Matías Piñeiro’s Viola, an adaptation of Twelfth Night played out by hipsters in Buenos Aires, interweaves the rehearsals of a group of women producing an all-female production [...]

Another Week, Another WTF Bluebrain Project

Arts Desk writes about Bluebrain a lot—but can you blame us? In contrast to most local bands' gig-and-record-and-gig M.O., the duo of Ryan and Hays Holladay seems to devote most of its energy to out-there, one-off projects, like boombox walks and audio accompaniments to Natural History Museum exhibits. It's got another event coming up: Restriction, [...]