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ToDo ToDay: John Waters, Seun Kuti, and Wild Boar

In 2012, director, writer, producer, and sometimes-actor John Waters packed a bag and went hitchin’. Waters had set his sights on San Francisco, by way of his hometown of Baltimore, a nearly 3,000-mile journey. His favorite method for flagging down cars? Holding a sign that read, simply, “I’m Not Psycho.” Whether it had to do [...]

ToDo ToDay: “Play by Play,” Dizzy Wright, and Funny Moms

No matter how good the kids have it—Uber to daycare, naps tracked by Jawbone, P.E. via FitBit—adolescence is never not going to be the most horrifying part of a person’s life. For “Play by Play,” a group show at U Street’s Project 4 gallery, four artists examine the way that the dread inspired by growing [...]