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ToDo ToDay: Tap Dancin’ and Vintage Domestic Wares

Nobody with ears would question the relationship between jazz and tap dance. Both are the product of intricate rhythms and fierce improvisation. But there may be no better demonstration of that connection than the pairing of pianist McCoy Tyner and tap virtuoso Savion Glover, who have worked together for nearly six years. Tyner, the pianist [...]

Vitamin A: Cliff Evans’ “Camping at Home #1″

In which our art critics highlight a favorite work on view in a local gallery. Click to enlarge!
Cliff Evans' work in "Sites and Stations," currently on view in the University of Maryland's Stamp Gallery, is a bit of a quagmire once you start to break it down. He starts with a Photoshop collage of some like elements: [...]

Ike Da Kid Answers Some Essential Questions

The firehose of DMV hip-hop videos at D.C. Mumbo Sauce sometimes spurts out a hidden gem, like Ike Da Kid's "Fast Life," which, beyond its big-ass beat and general good-natured-ness, left us with more questions than answers. So we posed five of them directly to Ike himself, a recent University of Maryland graduate and Hyattsville [...]

Dance’s Past and Future, Tonight

Talk about feast or famine. There’s a couple other interesting dance events going on tonight besides Velocity DC. The first is a thesis concert by two University of Maryland MFA candidates. The show  leads with Vaudevival: Old is the new New, a piece by Emily Oleson. I caught a brief glimpse of the performers in [...]

Arts Roundup: Athletic Gear Deathmatch Edition

The Vogue Line State: Writing in today's Washington Post, Ned Martel attempts to dissect the very mixed reaction to the University of Maryland football team's new "Maryland Pride" uniforms that feature several images of Maryland's flag. Some Maryland alumni, like Oprah Winfrey sidekick Gayle King, told Martel that "it seems like there’s three different things going [...]

Radio Daze: Why, and How, WMUC Should Declare Independence

Two weeks ago, as the University of Maryland’s student-run radio station WMUC-FM faced its worst funding crisis in recent memory, it had a peculiar this-is-real moment: a tweet from Weezer, surely one of North America’s least serious bands. “[It’s] wrong,” advised the four-piece to its nearly 400,000 followers. “read, help.”
WMUC, founded in 1937, is resolutely [...]

WMUC No Longer Totally Screwed

The financial future—well, the future in general—of the University of Maryland-College Park's student radio station, WMUC, is a little less bleak than it was last Thursday.
The university's student newspaper, The Diamondback, reported on Friday that following outcry on campus, the executive board of the school's Student Government Association met Friday to discuss how to find [...]

WMUC Fights to Stay on Air

"WMUC" is currently trending on Twitter in Washington, D.C., which is probably a first for the student-run radio station at the University of Maryland, College Park.
Unfortunately, the circumstances that have propelled WMUC into such company as "#welcometothedmv" and the promoted tag "#JackDanielsHoney" are frustrating at best and devastating at worst: A severe budget slash from [...]

Arts Roundup: In House Edition

A Family Affair: Yesterday we reported that Phil Kennicott, the Washington Post's architecture/sometimes classical music/sometimes arts critic has been hired as the paper's new arts critic. The Post has been searching for a critic since Blake Gopnik left in December.
Wallowing in the Muck: WaPo's Dan Zak and TBD's Amanda Hess attended the icky Charlie Sheen [...]

Meet a Former Local Cartoonist: A Chat With Josh Eiserike

Recently, I was organizing some of my Washington, D.C.-produced comics and ran across some of Josh Eiserike's minicomics. Eiserike had sold these to me at SPX in 2008, but I didn't recall seeing him at 2010's event. A quick e-mail exchange reveals that he's now on the other coast, still  making comics while studying film. Anyone [...]