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ToDo ToDay: Trojan Barbie! Filmfest DC Begins! Le Diplomate!

According to the Greek tragedians, women are, for the most part, hysterical nutjobs. This insanity is particularly resonant in Euripedes’ The Trojan Women, which features the women of Troy in agony after watching their city burn. With Trojan Barbie, playwright and new Georgetown faculty member Christine Evans has adapted the play for the 21st century. Her [...]

A Gallery’s Map of D.C. Artists

You wouldn't necessarily expect to see punk icon Ian MacKaye and graffiti artist Tim Conlon in the same room. But they're both among the subjects of "Documents: Alternative Guide to the DC Underground," a show by Ayodamola Okunseinde and Yulia Graham that opens tonight at the Gallery at Vivid Solutions, and which makes surprising connections between mainstays [...]