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Listen to GEMS’ New, Guitar-Driven “Scars”

At the stroke of midnight last night, D.C. dream-pop duo GEMS dropped “Scars”—a gorgeous new track that’s one part airy chillwave, one part club-ready banger. Though it’d fit snugly on last year’s excellent Medusa, “Scars” is noteworthy for its prominent use of guitar for more that just textural purposes. Here, it drives the melody in a swirling, [...]

The Bayou: D.C.’s Killer Joint, Reviewed

In the Bayou's no-frills, stone-and-brick building on K Street under the Whitehurst Freeway, a singer was once fed a rat sandwich as a practical joke. Employees had sex under the club's stage. Jazz bands swung. A manager nicknamed "Little Hitler" ruled the roost. Foreigner played there—twice.
The Bayou: D.C.’s Killer Joint, a 90-minute, locally [...]

Foals @ Black Cat: The Resonance of 1984 (and 2000)

Sunday night felt a little bit like a Saturday night at the Black Cat. Yay, Foals! People danced. Two notes about the show:
1. The sum of 2008's Antidotes and 2010's Total Life Forever equals validation for anybody who thought the '00s D.C. nerd-funk of Q And Not U and The Dismemberment Plan still had more [...]

Arts Roundup: Southern Shore Edition

Morning, all. Here at the Washington City Paper, it seems like everybody's got their eye on the upcoming election. And it's still August, so a lot of people in town won't be waking up from their end-of-summer second gear mode 'til after Labor Day weekend. But there are still glints of culture–you just have to [...]

163,417 Reasons Bono Needs to Stop Preaching About Climate Change and Poverty

2,160: The number of wheels on which the 2009 U2 360 tour is currently rolling across this great nation. Divided by 18, that’s 120 trucks, carrying only the lights and stage for the tour. Who knows how many tour buses it takes to cart around Bono’s Prada support team.
7,400: A rough, and conservative, estimate [...]

Photos: U2 @ FedEx Field

If ever there were a band that needs no introduction, that band is pictured in this post. Enjoy the photos—more after the jump and at the full gallery.

Leakproof: Ciara, U2, Dirty Projectors, Lady Sovereign

U2: "Get on Your Boots"
U2 apparently traveled all the way to Fez, Morocco to work on its forthcoming album No Line on the Horizon, and if "Get on Your Boots" is any indication, they've soaked up plenty of culture. Ethnic percussion, check. Eastern sounding harmonic minor riffs, also check. But there's really no telling [...]

Inauguration Radio Station: More Soundbites from the Lincoln Concert

Check it out: More grainy tracks from the "We Are One" concert/love-in. As previously noted, Garth Brooks held the stage for what seemed like an eternity. I include his most palatable track below, since it's usually a crowd-pleaser.
Garth Brooks on "American Pie":
John Cougar Mellencamp on "Ain't That America Pink Houses":
U2 on "Pride (In [...]

Inauguration Radio Station: Sounds from the Lincoln Concert

Just returned from a spot of Indian food after the "We Are One" concert, where I collected some supremely lo-fi recordings of the hit-or-miss performances.  Garth Brooks got a lot of stagetime.  Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock got glossed over. and Sheryl Crowe did some decent Marley with a sanitized "Where Is the Love" [...]