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D.C. Does Moogle

Yesterday would've been the 78th birthday of Robert Moog, the inventor of the Moog analog synthesizer, aka one of the coolest-sounding instruments in the history of music. As it often does on the birthday of a famous weirdo, Google created a "doodle" in tribute: a functional facsimile of a Moog. Surely the Web's more musical [...]

ToDo ToDay: Charlotte Rampling’s Serious Life

For Charlotte Rampling, the outstanding actress and once all-powerful Euro diva, life is serious business. It’s in her heavy eyelids, her penchant for intense and sometimes controversial roles (The Night Porter), and The Look, the biography directed by first-timer Angelina Maccarone. Divided into sections with vaguely pretentious names like “exposure,” “age,” “beauty,” “demons,” and “taboo,” The Look [...]

The Gold Leaf Variations: A Longtime DIY Venue Nears Its Swan Song

On Labor Day weekend last September, if you stepped outside of the new Korean restaurant or the swank Japanese kitchen at 5th and K streets NW and gazed across the way, you might have caught a scene that felt slightly out of place in shiny, revitalized Mount Vernon Square. Lanterns emerged from inky, overgrown foliage. Guitar [...]

Ramon Ramirez’s Five Best Local Albums of 2011

Oddisee made the best DMV album of 2011. But I’m tired of reading about him in Arts Desk posts.
On the national side of sounds, the year was mostly about slowing down and turning up the bass (see: James Blake, Drizzy Drake, The Weeknd, Bon Iver, Girls, Frank Ocean). However, some Haterade for all the buzzy [...]

Local Music Day Returns, Um, Today

Once again, today is Local Music Day, which means more than a dozen D.C. establishments are playing nothing but D.C. music all day. Step into your favorite coffee shop, bar, or ramen joint, and you'll hear music from recent albums by sophistipop dude Black Hills, neo-soul/funk/dance hall mainstays Nappy Riddem, acoustic blues young gun Johnny [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Assassination Vacation

Rave culture may seem like a product of the ’90s, but massive modern events such as the Electric Daisy Carnival prove young people will always want to get high (on life) and shake what Shiva gave them. The Identity Festival is a traveling rave featuring nearly 30 artists whose main goal is to get this [...]

WCP Does SXSW: Typewriter, But More Violent Edition

The South by Southwest music conference released the bees Wednesday with a wealth of strong performances, The MTVU Woodies, breezy and overcast weather, and a student-heavy army of cheerful volunteers and the pamphlets they love. But the spiraling lines for daytime events stole the show. South by 2011: The Year of the Free Swag Meltdown.
Keep [...]

WCP Does SXSW: Typefighter

All week, Arts Desk profiles area artists heading to Texas for the South by Southwest Music Conference, March 15-20.
Ryan McLaughlin’s last band broke up because its singer moved to Austin. When his new band pulls into the city for South by Southwest, it’ll have a floor to crash on. The music conference is the centerpiece of a [...]

Meet a New Label: Cricket Cemetery Records

Cricket Cemetery is Ian Thompson's first record label, but it isn't the first based out of the Arlington house he currently lives in. That distinction goes to Lovitt Records.
But Thompson's new project, a home for hardcore and "anything loud," is more austere than most labels, even in this punk town: "I only do 300 copies [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs for Soundtracking an Academic Montage

For mortals, there is no fun, exciting way to successfully speed up an intense study session.  It's arduous: reading so many pages, taking notes, memorizing important information, working through difficult new concepts. Of course, in the soft focus of the cinematic lens, we have the ever-helpful montage to help our hero blaze through hours upon [...]