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Don’t Be Bored: Transcendental Black Metal, Whatever That Means

The black-metal band Liturgy suffers from what’s been written about it. No, not by the metal press that has looked askance at the Brooklyn band because of its inroads with the indie rock community. Liturgy’s worst critics are its supporters, from the overripe band bio accompanying Aesthethica, its debut release for stalwart experimental label Thrill Jockey, [...]

Arts Roundup: Hollywood Graveyard Season Edition

Hello! A lot of the new movies you'll see in 2010 will be old, the New York Times reports. Like, 2008 old! This is because: 1) January falls right after the deadline for Oscar eligibility, so it's a natural graveyard for films that the studios had hoped would be a lot better (like The Lovely Bones, [...]