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Come Fly Away at the Kennedy Center, Reviewed

Come Fly Away is perfect for anyone frustrated by bad dancing in a musical or bad acting in a ballet. In the touring version of the 2010 Broadway show now at the Kennedy Center's Eisenhower Theater, there's not a painted-on smile or half-assed pirouette in sight. That's because Come Fly Away is a high-quality hybrid [...]

The Washington Ballet and Twyla Tharp Do It Their Way

Twyla Tharp and The Washington Ballet make a good pair.
Tharp, a choreographer with a national reputation who’s been creating pieces for decades, is generally lumped into the modern dance category, but she’s worked with ballet companies throughout her career. And she’s known as stickler for precise technique, the kind that only comes from years of [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Athletic Heroism

Think of the Washington Ballet’s February program as pure hell for the company’s men but a heavenly gift for any D.C. guy in the dog house for botching Valentine’s Day. Lucky be the lady who gets treated to an evening of ballet and Sinatra. Also lucky: local fans of choreographer Twyla Tharp. “Nine Sinatra Songs” [...]

The Washington Ballet’s New Season: Not Just Girls in Tutus

The Washington Ballet revealed its 2011-2012 season today, and it looks pretty promising. The lineup includes a program featuring works by Twyla Tharp, a full-length ballet based on Alice in Wonderland, a mixed-repertory program titled ¡Noche Latina!, and another showing of last year’s acclaimed “The Great Gatsby.”
I’ve been impressed with the company over the past [...]