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ToDo ToDay: Pixar in Concert, Alice Smith, and Punk Jews

Just like the plastic characters in Toy Story, the players in the National Symphony Orchestra appear slightly rigid on stage. But while the toys on screen move that way as a joke, the musicians gesture precisely to play their instruments with practiced skill. Tonight, the orchestra will loosen up and churn out familiar scores culled from more [...]

ToDo ToDay: Earl Sweatshirt, “White Rabbit, Red Rabbit,” and Lost in the Trees

When Los Angeles-based hip-hop collective Odd Future antagonized its way to success in early 2011, one of its most gifted members was missing in action. Teenage lyricist Earl Sweatshirt had been remanded to a Samoan boarding school by his mother. The young rapper flexes a lyrical dexterity that sounds like Eminem without the theatrics, and [...]

Genre Dysphoria: The Best D.C. Music of 2013

With Chuck Brown in his eternal resting place and Ian MacKaye settled down and playing only occasional dates with The Evens, how has D.C. music moved on?
In 2013, the answer was clearer: This is a hip-hop town, at least more than it was before. The area now has three significant hip-hop exports: trap-rap up-and-comer Fat Trel, [...]

ToDo ToDay: American Landscapes and the History of Fort Reno

The open road is so quintessentially American that it verges on cliché. The Smithsonian American Art Museum exhibit “Landscapes In Passing” follows this well-traveled route. The most engaging images come from Steve Fitch, in part because they’re carefully thought out rather than happenstance. The exhibit includes a few too many of Fitch’s images of a [...]

One Track Mind: Two Inch Astronaut, Bad Brother

Standout Track: No. 1, "Swol," a twisted-up, glam-tinged throwback to D.C.’s '90s post-hardcore heyday. Throughout its new LP, Bad Brother, the Silver Spring-based trio channels local greats like Shudder to Think and Dismemberment Plan, but the resemblance is especially strong on "Swol," which nails the stop-start dynamics, disjointed melodies, and seemingly random subject matter. “If [...]