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Dead Ringers: Some D.C. Theaters Rethink Their Cell Phone Policies

Not all District theaters want you to put your cell phone away during performances.

Scorekeeping Beyond Theater Beyond Twitter

Watch live streaming video from newplay at
Arena Stage played host Saturday evening to some super-wonky yakking that started out with 140-character thoughts on theater but quickly expanded to cover all aspects of theater journalism. Peter Marks, The Washington Post's sometimes curmudgeonly lead critic, and Howard Sherman, a former executive director of the American Theatre Wing [...]

Arts Roundup: Shylock Rock Edition

Tweeter Etiquette: Last October, I wrote this piece, which pondered whether it's OK for theater critics to tweet their opinions of a show immediately after they see it. (My take: It is.) A debate along those lines, between some local theater critics and professionals, popped up on Twitter recently, and now Chad M. Bauman, Arena's communications director, [...]

Arts Roundup: The City’s Been Dead Since it Didn’t Shut Down Edition

NPR Guy Wins Twitter, Post Declares: The best Twitter user, hands down, is NPR social-media strategist Andy Carvin, whom The Washington Post's Paul Farhi profiles to lead off today's Style section. Carvin tweets, a lot, using his speedy iPhone typing to turn himself into NPR's in-house expert on the Middle East. Where is Carvin tweeting from? "His tweets come [...]

Arts Roundup: End Times Edition

Is Nothing Sacred?: If the federal government shuts down this weekend, the Cherry Blossom Festival parade may be canceled. The parade, which draws thousands of people each year, partially takes place on lands controlled by the National Park Service. Festival spokesperson Danielle Piacente says organizers are fighting back: “We’re ready to appeal to whoever we [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 10

This weekly assemblage is now a decagon in the aggregate, yet it retains the general shape of Week 1, in which we told you that on one side are "the deep thoughts, the innovations, the reflections, the revelations, the oddballs and the acid trips" and on the other side are "the conflicts, the punchlines, the [...]

Should Theater Critics Be Allowed to Tweet an Opinion Before Writing a Review?

I fielded an interesting call last week from a theater in the D.C. area: What, the theater wanted to know, was my policy on critics tweeting?
This was the impetus: One of Washington City Paper's critics saw a play there, reacted strongly during the first act, tweeted about it during intermission, and then sat down for [...]

WCP Tweets Artisphere So You Don’t Have To!

Tonight, some 3,000 people will descend upon a former monument to the newsgathering profession for purposes of arty debauchery. Put another way: The massive new Artisphere in the former Newseum in Rosslyn is celebrating its opening weekend, and tonight, the websites Brightest Young Things and the Pink Line Project are hosting a balloon-themed fete—called Burst, [...]

The Cremaster Cycle, in Tweets

What the world needs now is more batshit-crazy, uncompromising auteurs. David O. Russel has the diva-esque ‘tude and David Lynch the vision, but neither comes close to Matthew Barney for sheer pomposity. His five-part magnum opus, The Cremaster Cycle, is an elusive cinematic treat and for one week only, E Street Cinema will be screening [...]

Kokayi Bombards Famous People With Tweets

It's official: Music is no longer a stand-alone art form; it is merely the audio component of social media. It was not enough for Kokayi to write a song that refers to lots of rock stars; today he is alerting those rock stars to the song, using his KOKLAROCK Twitter feed to make shout-outs about [...]