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What Can Tumblr Do for Theater?

Last month, I walked into Woolly Mammoth a half-hour before a showing of the hilarious political farce The Totalitarians, and my eye started twitching. Ticketholders were chit-chatting and milling around with beers in the theater’s lobby, but it didn’t look like a lobby. It looked like a campaign office—half-drunk Red Bull cans, slogan brainstorming sessions, [...]

Holy Gender Politics, Batman! How a D.C. Punk’s Music Video Sparked an Identity Controversy

The Gay Issue

At the D.C. Eagle, 42 years of leather daddies and good vibes
Meet Ruby Corado, D.C.'s most persistent trans activist
How the gay theater movement became mainstream
Your most fabulous Pride Week ever

It was the shot Tumbld ’round the world.
A scene in a music video, “Sexy Dreams,” showed a young man in a wig wrapping his [...]

Follow WCP on Tumblr, Get Local MP3s

If you didn't see it, Washington City Paper is now a-tumblin'. Why should you care? Well, for starters, I'll be posting an mp3 by a local act on our Tumblr every weekday. Some you'll recognize from our site, like Hays Holladay's "It's a Boy" from yesterday, and a hot Munchi track from the day before. [...]

D.C. Grups Read Pitchfork

Someone sent us a list from the Tumblr of Gentleman's Quarterly yesterday. The list is called: "Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Political Hacks’ Best Music of 2010 Lists." The lists are authored almost exclusively by white people who probably own expensive headphones. It is mostly "Arcade Fire" written over and over again.
The list was assembled by [...]