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Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 24

Indeed, Far Out vs. Hot Dang is kinda icky and gross this week. It's not your fault. I mean, maybe it kinda is. Don't be embarrassed.

Will Durkl: "Just got laughed at in CVS for asking where the manilla folders were. They don't carry them obviously"
"The running joke was if you looked up angry black man [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 17

No deep reflections or wise words this week. Just housekeeping: If one of your tweets has been immortalized in Far Out vs. Hot Dang, you are forever a member of the Twitter list. YOU ARE A MEMBER OF THE CULTURAL ELITE. Be cool about it, OK?

"I get a lot of compliments on my female figures"
"Though [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 9

You know that Radio Raheem scene in Do The Right Thing? The one in which Love knocks out Hate? Far Out vs. Hot Dang is NOT like that at all. It's ALL love, people. Most of the time.

contrabassoon vs. contraforte
Who has the more intense Twitter feed, Fat Trel or Whitefolkz?

"There's a feeling of portent — [...]

Tonight: Theatre Lab’s Bard-a-Thon & Benefit feat. Carol Schwartz, Trey Graham, and…Me!

Tonight, and with apologies to Jimmy Scott, I'll be joining the Washington Post's Jane Horwitz and Sarah Kaufman on the judging panel at the 2010 Bard-a-Thon. The event, part of Theatre Lab's "Send a Kid to Theatre Camp" benefit, features local media types performing scenes from Shakespeare.
But not in doublets!
"Everyone will be performing in their [...]

Michael Kyrioglou Leaving Woolly Mammoth Theatre

Nobody in D.C.'s theater scene promotes shows quite like  Michael Kyrioglou, the communications director at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company and at the League of Washington Theatres. He's tenacious as hell, blunt, and always on the clock, or so it seems. Do right by his shows, and he's an absolute gentlemen. Publish "Woolly" as "Wooly"–as this [...]