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Jazz Setlist, May 2-7: Not Your Usual Venues

Saturday, May 3
Look, everyone knows about the Funk Parade at this point, right? It's a daylong outdoor fair and festival on U Street that's assumed such proportion that, frankly, the titular parade seems to be one of the smallest parts. And while, yes, funk is the dominant motif of the day, there'll be plenty of [...]

Jazz Setlist, April 12-18: JAM Jams

That's right, Washington, it's Jazz Appreciation Month! Now get out there and appreciate some jazz!
Thursday, April 12
The first thing you'll likely notice about Hiromi Uehara, who goes by just her first name when performing, is that she upends the ongoing jazz-dress-code debate. But if you're doing it right—you know, listening—the second thing you'll notice is [...]

Erik Friedlander’s Broken Arm Trio @ An Die Musik

This happened 10 days ago, but it's worth a look back: cellist Erik Friedlander brought his "Broken Arm Trio" to An Die Musik in Baltimore. This trio—Friedlander on his fancy carbon-fiber cello, Trevor Dunn on upright bass, and Michael Sarin on drums—was, as Friedlander explained during the set, conceived as a sort of tribute to [...]