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David Simon, Go-Go Fan

TV showrunner/professional curmudgeon David Simon's been doing press for the upcoming Treme vs. The Wire Battle of the Bands benefit show in New Orleans, a concert where The Wire's Anwan "Big G" Glover will perform with his old group, the Backyard Band. Simon, who was born in D.C. and grew up in the Maryland 'burbs, tells [...]

DC Jazz Festival, Night 13: A Night in Treme

David Simon and HBO's Treme—a chronicle of the musicians and other residents of New Orleans struggling to rebuild their homes and lives after Hurricane Katrina—could never hope to meet the bar set by their previous Baltimore-based series, The Wire. But it has done something that its predecessor couldn't: For all its somberness and hardship, it [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Words Of Wisdom From Nomi Malone and Jessie Spano’ Edition

Morning, readers.
*Elizabeth Berkley plans to write a self-help book to help boost young girls' self-esteem. Presumably it'll skip the whole section about doing a movie where you snort coke, have sex in a pool, and push the lead showgirl down the stairs so you can take her place in a topless Vegas extravaganza. Though hopefully [...]

Arts Roundup: “Searching for a Jerry Garcia Joke” Edition

Good morning!
I really want to make fun of this sale of paintings by Jerry Garcia, set for April 24-25 at the Bethesda Marriott. But it's a benefit for Haiti. Also, Jerry Garcia is still dead.
The Corcoran ended its "Turner to Cezanne" exhibit a few weeks early, WaPo reports, for the same reason I can never get [...]