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Arts Roundup: Sugarfoot Edition

This flea market Renoir story has only gotten better. [Post]
The Franklin School could make for a great art museum, says Kennicott. [Post]
RIP, Ricky "Sugarfoot" Wellman [Post]
The Obamas visit Politics & Prose for Small Biz Saturday. [Huffington Post]
The Walkmen play D.C. and call it quits (for now). [Stereogum]
Star Wars diehards rally in support of the Museum [...]

The Howard Theatre Looks Good, but How Does It Sound?

"We at the Howard mother-fuckin' Theatre," Wale announced last night, a few songs into the first headlining set in almost 30 years on the T Street NW venue's stage. "This my town. I can do what I want," he added, and charged onto the floor and through the audience, finally elevating himself atop of one [...]