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Arts Roundup: Bunnies Edition

Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool is dealgaed. [Post]
Smart talk from Travis Morrison about the changing relationships and expectations between indie rockers and fans [Brightest Young Things]
(e)merge Art Fair: There will be bunnies. [@lisamarkuson]
What to see at (e)merge, in addition to the bunnies [Brightest Young Things]
Animal Collective goes on a misty Merriweather hop. [Arts Post]

Arts Roundup: ZZ Top Meets Skrillex Edition

David Malitz talks to IMP's Seth Hurwitz about how ZZ Top and Skrillex got on the same bill at Virgin Mobile FreeFest [Post]
ArtInfo on Kathryn Cornelius' "Save the Date.," aka the artist-who-married-and-divorced-seven-people-in-one-day performance-art piece at the Corcoran. Bonus: Name the hunger striker found in the photo. [ArtInfo]
Gwydion Suilebhan wants you to vote for his SXSW [...]

Dismemberment Plan’s New Songs: Unveiled!

At two small shows over the weekend—Friday at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore and Saturday at Eyeclopes in Fredericksburg, Va.—reunited D.C. post-punks The Dismemberment Plan surprised fans with a few brand-new songs. Debuting eight songs total, the four-piece played seven of the tracks in Baltimore. (See Erica Bruce's slideshow here.)
Alongside “What Do You Want Me [...]

Arts Roundup: Getting the Band Back Together Edition

Quiet down, rumor mill, 'cause it's official: The Make-Up will play Black Cat Sept. 20. Tickets go on sale Friday at noon. [Black Cat]
Katherine Goldstein, who's engaged to Dismemberment Plan singer Travis Morrison, writes a column about how she unwittingly walked into a relationship with a rock star. The comments, predictably, are brutal. [Slate]
A scene [...]

Arts Roundup: Batman Edition

In response to our post about Brian Miller's brilliant Minor Treat ice-cream truck, Travis Morrison from Dismemberment Plan solicits Plan-themed food ideas. Dismemberment Flan, anyone? [Facebook]
Village Voice interviews local experimentalists Janel and Anthony—and Janel gives us a shout-out. [Village Voice]
The Style blog attempts to unfurl the overarching themes of this year's Capital Fringe festival. [Post]
DCist [...]

Everybody’s Doing It, So Why Can’t We? On NPR, David Lowery, Travis Morrison, and Paying for Music

There's a culture war going on right now, and it has nothing to do with gay marriage. If you're a music nerd, a music-maker, or a Facebook friend of either kind of person, you've probably seen a link to a recent blog piece by NPR intern Emily White in which she explains how she acquired [...]

Arts Roundup: Stealing Music Edition

Dismemberment Plan's Travis Morrison weighs in—amusingly—on That Guy From Cracker's rant against the NPR intern who confessed to stealing music on the Internet. [Huffington Post]
Ex-Seldom Scene member Mike Auldridge wins a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship [NEA]
Neal Schon: Way to diss the Washington Post's pop music critic, dude. [DCist]

This Week in WCP Arts: The Music Man, Moonrise Kingdom, Leo Villareal

Bob Mondello leads this week's arts section with a meditation on familiarity on D.C. stages: A pair of recognizable faces helps The Illusion at Forum Theatre work its spell, while Arena Stage's The Music Man manages to move but brings little that's interesting to this American mainstay. Chris Klimek riffs about the dystopian rock 'n' [...]

Hear One of Those New (Old) Travis Morrison Songs

Jukebox the Ghost's Tommy Siegel and Tereu Tereu's and (DISCLOSURE DISCLOSURE) Washington City Paper's Ryan Little have started a label, you'll remember, and now that they've successfully Kickstarted that sucker, they're streaming some music. Specifically: The label's first release contains a trio of unreleased songs from Travis Morrison Hellfighters, that very funky band led for several [...]

Coming in 2012: New (Old) Travis Morrison Tunes

Well, this is awkward. Washington City Paper contributor (and Tereu Tereu singer) Ryan Little is launching a new record label with his buddy Tommy Siegel (of Jukebox the Ghost and Drunken Sufis), and, obviously, we'd usually feel kind of weird about plugging it.
But screw it, because the first release on Bad Friend Records is pretty [...]