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This Week in WCP Arts: The Music Man, Moonrise Kingdom, Leo Villareal

Bob Mondello leads this week's arts section with a meditation on familiarity on D.C. stages: A pair of recognizable faces helps The Illusion at Forum Theatre work its spell, while Arena Stage's The Music Man manages to move but brings little that's interesting to this American mainstay. Chris Klimek riffs about the dystopian rock 'n' [...]

Gavin Holland’s Disembodiment Plan

Apparently Dismemberment Plan dude Travis Morrison once had another band called the Hellfluffers or something, and they had a song called "Moneytown" that could only be heard by people with cameraphones. Not for long! When Bad Friend Records puts out its retrospective Travis Morrison Hellfighters 7-inch, the original version of "Moneytown" will be the bonus [...]

Coming in 2012: New (Old) Travis Morrison Tunes

Well, this is awkward. Washington City Paper contributor (and Tereu Tereu singer) Ryan Little is launching a new record label with his buddy Tommy Siegel (of Jukebox the Ghost and Drunken Sufis), and, obviously, we'd usually feel kind of weird about plugging it.
But screw it, because the first release on Bad Friend Records is pretty [...]

Travis Morrison Hellfighters Post New Mp3s

After nearly a year of silence, Travis Morrison Hellfighters are back, finally, and will be performing this weekend as part of Black Cat's Second Saturdays concert series. And they won't just be playing the "hits", either. The Hellfighter's Myspace page has been updated with two brand new songs, "Henrietta" and "Cruisin' All Night Long." It's [...]