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Meet a Formerly Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Steven Weinberg

Here's how Steven Weinberg introduced himself to me: "I'm a cartoonist and illustrator who grew up in D.C. and Bethesda. Since then, I've gone on to live all over the place, which is kind of what my first book that I just made with my girlfriend Casey Scieszka called To Timbuktu is all about. [...]

Tomorrow: What Cartoonist Sarah Glidden Learned in Israel

Sarah Glidden's religio-travelogue How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less (Vertigo, $24.99) was one of my favorite books of 2010 (as I noted here). Glidden will speak about her book tomorrow at the Jewish Community Center. Glidden depicts herself as initially sympathetic to Palestinians, but her views about the Arab-Israeli conflict evolve over [...]

Dear Diary, Which Journal Should I Take On My Travels?

This fall I’ll be jetting all over the place—from California’s Redwood Park for a camping trip to a cartoonist’s conference in Norway and a wedding on Kauai—and I want to memorialize my travels. I wouldn’t be content with just a series of Facebook updates or iPhone photos—I want to keep a written travelogue of my [...]