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This Week in WCP Arts: Sweetgreen’s Cultural Strategy, Thievery Corporation, Merchant of Venice

Sadie Dingfelder has this week's cover with her look at Sweetgreen, the local chain that's gone from selling $9 salads to booking The Strokes. Ally Schweitzer leads the arts section with an essay about another group packaging music and hospitality: Thievery Corporation, which has remade D.C. nightlife but still sounds homeless on its albums. Bob [...]

Reviewed: I Am Number Four

Producer Michael Bay's douchebag fingerprints are all over I Am Number Four, a Twilight-meets-Transformers mash-up that will leave you alternately bored and confused. John (Alex Pettyfer) is an "extraordinary teen," which means he's an alien who's trying to blend in on Earth by pouting a lot and talking in a monotone. (He can also throw [...]

The Oscars, Abbreviated

Illness has kept me from dishing out my Academy Award predictions and, lest the curse soon be lifted, will probably quash my desire to go live-blog-wild during the telecast.
But I can't be completely silent! So, before the inevitable song-and-dance-and-cheese opening, I offer this:
I remember a sweet time back in early December when I thought that [...]