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Photo: Everynone

E10 Conceptual Art: Adrian Parsons at Transformer, 1404 P St. NW.  July 11th.

Think There’s No Room for Emerging Artists in D.C.? You’re Wrong.

Dear dude I argued with at Black Cat a couple of weeks ago,
From what I recall, I ended our conversation after you told me to go fuck myself. But right before that, we were arguing about whether or not D.C. is a supportive place for emerging artists.
You claimed to have investigated every gallery, and you [...]

ToDo ToDay: Los Master Plus! Margaritas! Chili Cookoff!

Guadalajara, Mexico cumbiatronica duo Los Master Plus enjoys performing catchy melodies as much as they like bobbing their heads to their own beats. For the cowboy hat- and ironic mustache-wearing Master Plus guys Comanche and Larry Mon, this means turning English pop songs into Spanish-language dancefloor-fillers. The group also plumbs Latino artists from the past, [...]

ToDo ToDay: Sublime Frequencies, Egg Creams, and “Consensual Sext”

For a record label, Sublime Frequencies’ crate-digging is extreme in its far-reaching trippiness. Since 2003, label cofounders Hisham Mayet and Alan Bishop have collected rare records and made field recordings around the world, then released them in limited editions. But the label doesn’t just offer music. Sublime Frequencies’ folk cinema has captured song and dance [...]

One Year After “Hide/Seek”

On Friday, Nov. 18, D.C. art nonprofit and alternative art space Transformer is hosting its eighth annual silent auction and benefit gala. In some respects, though, it's more of a one-year anniversary party.
It was just about this time last year that the National Portrait Gallery opened "Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture," an exhibition [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Uncross Those Arms

Mose Allison is exactly the kind of guy the Pixies would write one of their most joyful songs about. Musically, though, the Mississippi Delta–born octogenarian is as far from guitar-drenched alt-rock as you can get: He’s a pianist and singer who plays a jazz-blues hybrid with effortless swing and a sly, clear vocal groan. But [...]

Reviewed: Lindsay Rowinski at Transformer

Lindsay Rowinski's current show at Transformer does not live up to the promise, contained in a recent e-blast sent by an organizer of the upcoming But Is It Art? fair, one the gallery was not aware had been sent out, "that you will feel reinvigorated about how contemporary art relates to the way we live our lives." [...]

On Drawing

Process seems to be a theme lately in D.C. galleries. Hillyer Art Space recently hosted 700 volumes from Art House Co-op’s Sketchbook Project. Arlington Arts Center is calling for artists to submit studies created in preparation for finished works. The Kreeger is examining Tom Wesselmann’s drawing process. All three exhibits call special attention to drawing.
Two of Washington's alternative arts spaces [...]

Next at Transformer: Lauren Rice’s “Heirlooms”

The Transformer Gallery announced yesterday its closure through Feb. 5 while its next exhibit is assembled. With "Alptraum!", a collection of often nightmareish paintings, etchings, and other works on paper by roughly 100 artists, headed to the the Cell Project Space in London, the Logan Circle gallery will next host an installation by the Detroit-based [...]

DCCAH Announces Grantees for 2011

Last night the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities announced its 2011 grant recipients. It's a huge list–well over 100 individuals and organizations received grants across 16 different categories. The categories include: