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The Sleigher: Trans-Siberian Orchestra, “Dreams of Fireflies (On a Christmas Night)”

HO HO WHO: You may know Trans-Siberian Orchestra as that enduring, proggy, anti-rock assembly that boasts an unforgivable ratio of three full-length albums about Christmas to two that aren’t about Christmas. (One is about Beethoven, and the other one is about castles.) Even Santa Claus is all, "Bro, y’all gotta chill with the Christmas records." And even unabashed shill [...]

Arts Roundup: Whither Local Indie Rock? Edition

Good morning! Between Fan Death's haterade and our look at the practice of door polling at local venues, in recent weeks Arts Desk has generated a fairly surprising amount of discussion about the state of D.C.'s indie-rock scene—not all of it civil, but that's OK. Clearly people are frustrated, for a number of reasons. (And by the [...]

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Welcomes You to Rock Your Nuts Off

Or something like that. The icicle-clad symphonic carnival that is the Trans-Siberian Orchestra drops Night Castle, its 72nd collection of goose-pimpled holiday favorites bastardized for Ratt fans who accepted Jesus but can't give up the Floyd Rose Double-Locking Tremolo, on October 27.
The first single is called "Nutrocker." Look for it nowhere, because there isn't a [...]