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ToDo ToDay: Trans Am, Deleted Scenes, and Jellyfish Eyes

Twenty-four years on, Maryland-formed post-rock outfit Trans Am is a vocoder band in a post-Auto-Tune world, but they’re still a lithe and propulsive machine, churning through several generations’ visions of the future. On Volume X, dystopian funk melts into Kraftwerkian synth workouts; there’s a robotic mouth solo that would make Peter Frampton jealous. As always, the [...]

West Coast Rap Meets Trans Am

John Beckham is probably not riding the Wugazi wave: The producer, a member of local neo-soul outfit lowercase letters, was fucking around with Fugazi at least a year before those dudes from Minneapolis rode their punny mash-up to brief cultural relevance.
Still, it's hard not call Beckham's latest project Wugazi-esque: Low Rider Trans Am is a mash-up of [...]

The Gold Leaf Variations: A Longtime DIY Venue Nears Its Swan Song

On Labor Day weekend last September, if you stepped outside of the new Korean restaurant or the swank Japanese kitchen at 5th and K streets NW and gazed across the way, you might have caught a scene that felt slightly out of place in shiny, revitalized Mount Vernon Square. Lanterns emerged from inky, overgrown foliage. Guitar [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Trans Am, Dick Gregory

Can an LP-length joke be considered a classic? Trans Am got more serious and more sinister following its recently reissued 1999 album Futureworld, but it’s hard to think of an example from their discography more worthy of being performed in full. The album more or less does to the futurism of ’70s Krautpop what Mad Men does [...]

Arts Roundup: Prince George’s County Blues Edition

Capitol Depths: Prince George's County has shuttered another dance club after a young woman was shot outside the Music and Games Club in Capitol Heights Monday. The shutdown is the first to occur after Prince George's county council passed the Dance Hall Bill last month, making it easier for police to close nightclubs in the event of [...]

Watch: Phil Manley’s “Make Good Choices”

Much like his work with Trans Am, Phil Manley's solo work blurs the line between parody and homage. He takes the most unappreciated genres and taps them for inspiration. With Trans Am, that could result in awesomely weird, mathy post-punk, or it could end up producing a legitimately corny '70s arena-rock knock-off. Here, with "Make [...]

Mike Watt on Jamming Econo, and D.C. Bands on Their Favorite Vans

Mike Watt is surely the world's foremost philosopher on the Ford Econoline.
"The boat, man, it’s the center of the touring universe," says the bassist and singer, who played in the great post-punk band Minutemen and has toured the country in at least four Econolines.  "Without that you don’t get from the last show to the [...]

After 15 Years—and Tours with the Make-Up, Faraquet, the Warmers, and Others—Has an Econoline Logged Its Last Mile?

“Do not. Remove. The matchbox.”
That was the advice Aaron Leitko, Hugh McElroy, and Sean Peoples received five years ago when they bought their white, nearly windowless 1995 Ford Econoline 150—a hulking, utilitarian shell of a vehicle that had spent much of its previous decade hauling some of D.C.’s most tour-hardened indie-rock outfits across the country.
Here’s [...]

Local Vinyl Round-Up

A round-up of recently released vinyl records by D.C.-based labels and bands
Mingering Mike & The Big D: "There's Nothing Wrong With You Baby Pts. 1&2"
The first ever vinyl release from enigmatic D.C. soul musician/artist Mingering Mike. Originally put to tape by Mike and his cousin, Big D, in a bedroom, "There's Nothing Wrong With You [...]

I Think We’re Not in Kansas House Anymore

Over the last 15 years, Kansas House, a tiny four-bedroom home in Arlington, has seen members of bands that recorded for almost every D.C. record label—Dischord, Teenbeat, Slowdime, Simple Machines—crash on its floors, perform in its living room, or be thoroughly revolted by its rat-infested basement.
Kansas House is not a club. Shows happen there once [...]