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Photos: Knife Party and BT @ Echostage

A couple months after witnessing a somewhat rocky reopening of the renovated Echostage, I returned for a pair of shows this past weekend and found a much-improved situation. Last Friday night, Glow/Panorama Productions and Steez Promo hosted Australian electro house duo Knife Party, and on Saturday, BADASS (ostensibly "Broke-Ass DJs Association") Raves hosted D.C.-area native [...]

Trance, Reviewed

In Danny Boyle’s Trance, an art auctioneer aids in the theft of a multimillion-dollar Rembrandt. He hides it, but during the getaway, he hits his head and forgets where he put it. His partners in crime try to beat the information out of him, and when that doesn’t work, they turn to... therapy? Hypnotherapy, to [...]