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In a Trance With Otis Taylor

“You have to go hear us in D.C.,” Otis Taylor told me following his band's show this past Sunday at the jazz and blues club Dazzle in Denver. “We’re gonna have sacred steel player Chuck Campbell with us. It’s going to be intense.” The Chicago-raised former antique dealer, now based in Colorado, calls his sound trance [...]

Tonight: Otis Taylor’s Trance Blues at Blues Alley

Since 1995, when he began playing music again after an 18-year break, singer/guitarist/banjoist Otis Taylor has been playing blues like no one else. The Chicago-born, Denver-raised performer, who performs at Blues Alley tonight with his band, generates noisy drones and sharp, deliberate runs that he accompanies with chanted, dramatically evocative vocals and stripped-down arrangements featuring [...]