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ToDo ToDay: Mom Baby God, Toro y Moi, and Yip Deceiver

This week, explore the anti-abortion movement without having to deal with Values Voter Summit crazies. For two nights, Mom Baby God plays a theatrical game of devil’s advocate. The play, written by Madeline Burrows, probes the mindsets of the people campaigning to limit women’s reproductive rights. Attendees will receive nametags upon arrival, and for the next two [...]

Public Service Annoucement: See Toro y Moi for Free This Afternoon

Hiss-soaked South Carolina space cadets Toro y Moi have a sold out show at Rock & Roll Hotel tonight, but you're in luck: They're playing a free show today at 1 p.m. at Sweetgreen in Dupont Circle. The occasion? It's the most recent installment of the local salad chain's Sweetlife Sessions series, and another extension of [...]

Arts Roundup: Ghost of the Navigator Edition

No doomsleet or killer winds overnight, but still, so very cold this morning.
Monica Hesse leads WaPo style today with some VERY IMPORTANT NEWS from London: Kate Middleton is the new Rachel Green. If you're a young British woman with spare time and cash, you too can look like the future queen consort. Hesse writes the [...]