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ToDo ToDay: Trinidad James and Top Chef Alumni

Trinidad James’ credentials are easy to pick apart: He didn’t know how to rap until 2011, he made his name on YouTube, and his most successful mixtape bears the ridiculous acronym Don’t Be S.A.F.E. (Sensitive as Fuck Everyday). He’s a post-2Chainz, second-wave-of-gold-jewelry revivalist; I’ll be surprised if he’s on anyone’s radar this time next year. Yet [...]

Arts Roundup: Sunny Edition

Still smarting from or reveling in the results of Tuesday's election? WaPo's got an amusing chart breaking down what's in and out now that Vince Gray has defeated Adrian Fenty. Among the trade-ins: Sex and the City for ESPN, Rhee's U-Haul for Rhee's overhaul, and "Date the mayor" for "Hate the mayor."
You know we're out of the summer TV doldrums [...]

Arts Roundup: Cats and Dogs Edition

Morning, all. Wow, it is raining hard out there. I'm surprised my power hasn't gone out. But, I'll keep on truckin' with this as long as my lights stay on.
Maybe Arcade Fire's tour really is helping spur record sales. The band's newly released album, The Suburbs, debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, with [...]

Arts Roundup: Misplaced Power Edition

Morning, all. Happy Thursday to you!
Does the concept of performance art ever befuddle you? Me too. Marina Abramović, the self-proclaimed "grandmother of performance art" who's about to have a retrospective of her work at MOMA, sheds some light on the subject. She says that to be a performance artist, one has to hate theater, because [...]

Arts Roundup: Kenny Gilbert Edition

Morning, all. I'm feeling a little tired and in need of some inspiration today, so let's change things up a bit–let's discuss Top Chef first.
Our cheftestants began the show cooking crabs in the quickfire for guest judge Patrick O'Connell, chef/owner of the Inn at Little Washington. O'Connell was among the show's nicest guest judges, offering [...]

Arts Roundup: Johnny Iuzzini Edition

Morning all. Let's get to it, shall we?
Twitter sure does make for strange bedfellows, doesn't? Especially in the McCain family. First it was John McCain and Snooki sharing tweet love, and now it's Meghan McCain and Courtney Love. After Meghan tweeted about watching Love on VH1's "Behind the Music" and about listening to Hole as [...]

Arts Roundup: Sam Kass Edition

Morning, readers. It's gonna be another hot one. Remember your sunscreen!
Michael Jackson died a year ago tomorrow, and a Northeast family has immortalized him by turning their house into a shrine. Um, no accounting for taste, I guess.
Fans of Southern rock, rejoice: the Allman Brothers' Greg Allman successfully underwent liver transplant surgery and said he's [...]

Arts Roundup: Angelo Sosa Edition

Morning, all. Who's Angelo Sosa, you ask? The answer's in the last graph.
My colleague Jonathan L. Fischer is totally into DIY, but I don't think that he and the Washington Post's "The Classical Beat" columnist Anne Midgette are on the same page when it comes to the term's application. Little matter; I think they'd both agree [...]

Arts Roundup: Bravo Edition

Hiya, readers. Looks like the clouds have broken and it's shaping up to be a beautiful day. Get out on your lunch break and enjoy it.
In the finale of Top Chef Masters, Susur Lee, Marcus Samuelsson, and Rick Moonen did some of their finest cooking of the competition before a judging panel that included Tom [...]

Arts Roundup: Top Chef Edition

Hiya, readers. It's Thursday! Make it through today and we're into Friday, everybody's favorite day of the week. And if you want to start the party early, come celebrate our just-published Summer Music Guide with us tonight at the Rock & Roll Hotel. It's free, and the top three readers picks for Best Local Band [...]