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Folger Theatre’s Henry V, Reviewed

The Chorus' famous apology—"this unworthy scaffold," he calls the stage in his opening speech—provides the organizing principle of Robert Richmond's lean, consciously theatrical staging of Henry V at the Folger Theatre. That, and a sober sense of the price of power; Zach Appelman's charismatic young Henry grows up and sobers up convincingly before the audience's [...]

WSC Avant Bard’s Happy Days, Reviewed

You can’t talk about Happy Days, Samuel Beckett’s 50-year-old Rubik’s Cube of a play, without talking about The Mound. Enter a theater where its performance is imminent, and a giant anthill immediately floods your vision.
"Expanse of scorched grass rising centre to low mound" is how the playwright renders it in his famously clipped prose. "Gentle slopes down [...]