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Arts Roundup: Tommy’s Go-Go Vibe Edition

Tommy Wells' mayoral campaign now has a go-go soundtrack. [Loose Lips]
ICYMI: Twins Jazz will host a jazz series at the forthcoming Anacostia Arts Center. [Washingtonian]
Photos from Imperial China's last show [D.C. Music Download]
A Q-and-A with ex-Swiz band Red Hare [D.C. Music Download]

Arts Roundup: When Shoes Attack Edition

Somebody call Tommy Wells: A man called police after a woman clunked him in the head with a shoe at Ibiza nightclub. [Examiner]
Arlington County libraries have begun lending out American Girl dolls—and there's already a six-month waiting list. [WJLA]
Listen: new material from D.C. electro-pop ensemble Misun [All Things Go]
The seventh annual DCist Exposed photo show [...]

Mendelson Denies Anacostia Playhouse’s Request for Emergency Legislation

Earlier this week, D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson rejected Anacostia Playhouse's attempt to work around a parking requirement that's holding up construction on the theater.
As City Paper previously reported, the Ward 8 playhouse is facing significant delays due to a regulation that requires the playhouse to acquire 15 on-site parking spaces for its 150-person capacity [...]

A Brief History of D.C.’s Mistrust of Nightclubs

Last week, 13 people were injured in a drive-by shooting in front of the Tyler House apartments on North Capitol Street NW. In response, Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells vowed to shut down two nearby nightclubs, Fur and Ibiza, that he thought played an indirect role in the violence. No connection was made between the [...]

Tommy Wells and Ibiza Co-Owner Pledge to Address Public Safety in NoMa

Clearly, Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells no longer wants to shut down Ibiza nightclub. Wells and Ibiza co-owner Eric Clay issued a joint statement today pledging to work together to improve public safety in NoMa.
Wells had previously called for Ibiza and neighboring nightclub Fur to close in the wake of Monday morning's drive-by shooting near the nightclubs. [...]

Tommy Wells on Call to Close Fur and Ibiza: “Maybe I’m Overreacting”

Ward 6 Councilmember (and mayoral candidate) Tommy Wells has softened on his call to shutter Fur and Ibiza. Now he's saying that the clubs should be permitted to stay open—if they clean up their act.
Early Monday morning, two cars sped by a large gathering outside the Tyler House apartments on North Capitol Street NW and sprayed [...]

Tommy Wells: Shut Down Ibiza and Fur

Update: Wells now says the clubs should be permitted to stay open if they clean up their act.
In the aftermath of Monday's early-morning drive-by shooting that left 13 people injured, Ward 6 Councilmember and mayoral candidate Tommy Wells has proposed a radical idea: shut down Ibiza and Fur nightclubs.
The clubs sit only a couple of blocks away [...]

A District of Ice and Fire

It’s been a month since Game of Thrones, HBO’s fantasy series based on the novels of George R. R. Martin, wrapped up its second season. And the more we rewatch episodes via OnDemand, the more Martin’s sprawling epic of dragons, ice demons, and warring dynasties feels like an allegory for our situation here in the [...]