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The Pragmatist: Three Songs For Drunkenly Stumbling Home

So you like to have a good time—why does everyone have to bug you about it? Now and then you go out with the boys or the girls, and you put back a few. You don't remember how many, and why should that matter? I mean, really, you're just taking the edge off, and you'll [...]

Evolution’s Children: The Low Anthem @ 9:30 Club and Kennedy Center Tomorrow

Can you have too many portable pump organs?
For Ben Knox Miller and the Providence-based roots band The Low Anthem, the answer is no. “We use Craigslist,” Miller says. “Every time we go on tour, and we’re going to a city and maybe have a day off, we check to see if they have any portable [...]

ScarJo Butchers Buckley

At Coachella 2007, smokin' starlet Scarlett Johanson lent her sultry vocals to then-freshly reunited Scottish noise-poppers Jesus & Mary Chain's performance of their best-known single, "Just Like Honey" (also featured in Lost In Translation). Roughly a year later, Johansson foisted an album of low key, lounge-lizard reworkings of Tom Waits classics (Anywhere I Lay My [...]