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No Man’s Land at WSC Avant Bard, Reviewed

Harold Pinter’s No Man’s Land is a 38-year-old Rubik’s Cube covered in Rorschach blots, a confounding examination of memory and masculinity that resists easy interpretation like an Aikido master shrugging off an unwanted bear hug. Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart—Magneto and Professor X themselves!—are set to appear opposite each other in the play’s two main [...]

Arts Roundup: Michael Kaiser’s Successor Edition

Kennedy Center President Michael Kaiser, whose contract expires at the end of 2013, says the art center's board has put together a search committee to find his successor [Huffington Post D.C.]
The D.C. Independent Film Festival announces its 2013 schedule [DCIFF]
Takoma soupmakers aspire to be the next women-geared reality TV show [Post]
Stream the entirety of Deathfix's [...]

Tom Prewitt Replaces Christopher Henley at WSC Avant Bard

WSC Avant Bard has announced that Artistic Director Christopher Henley is changing his role at WSC Avant Bard. On Feb. 1, he officially left his post as the theater company's artistic director. Henley will be succeeded by Tom Prewitt (shown), an experienced local director who's helmed shows at WSC (including the recent Six Characters in Search of [...]