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Jazz Appreciation Month Begins! Jazz Setlist, April 2–8

The U Street Jazz Jam rises again and Jeremy Pelt returns to town.

An Embarrassment of Riches: Jazz Setlist, Feb. 26-March 4

This is an uncommonly good week for jazz, especially over the weekend.

Along Came Ra: Jazz Setlist, Oct. 30-Nov. 5

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Sun Ra’s “arrival”: The jazz composer insisted that he was born on Saturn, arriving on Earth in 1914.

Jazz Setlist, June 19-23: Pre-DC Jazz Festival Weekend

This edition of Setlist stops before next Tuesday, when the DC Jazz Festival begins. Arts Desk will provide extensive coverage of the festival—the build-up weekend, though, is also a particularly good time to get out and see some jazz. Here are three good examples.
Friday, June 20
Festival aside, Friday night is perhaps the D.C. jazz occasion of [...]

Jazz Setlist, October 10-16: Butch Warren Memorial Edition

Butch Warren's death on Saturday at 74, while not unexpected, nonetheless casts a pall over the entire D.C. jazz community. His memorial is still being planned, but his spirit will undoubtedly infiltrate all of the events listed below.
Thursday, October 10
What, you think that just because Wayne Shorter's birthday has come and gone (and so has [...]

Jazz Setlist, July 11-17: The Doldrums Have Arrived Early

The Doldrums are already here. The period usually strikes in August (not coincidentally, around the time of the Congressional recess), when bookings are light and often far-flung; maybe it's the heat, but this year July is a sparse one, too. Here, though, are some highlights among the lowlights.
Thursday, July 11
Probably the most active trombonist in [...]

Jazz Setlist, January 10-16: Even More Local!

Kids, you thought last week's Setlist was stacked with great D.C. jazz musicians? Not even. Check this out.
Friday, Jan. 11
Antonio Parker sounds like he's playing the blues at every turn, be it a standard or his own melodic, hard-swinging tunes. That's only to speak of the rawness and vocal quality that he brings to the [...]

DC Jazz Festival: Perfection at the Atlas

"Perfect" is a word you usually want to avoid in music reviews. That goes double for reviews of concerts, and triple for jazz concerts. As Artie Shaw (among others) observed, musicians who don't make mistakes aren't playing at the edge of their ability; they're not taking chances.
One could never accuse the Rodney Richardson Trio of [...]

DC Jazz Festival: Rodney Richardson’s Swan Song

Jazz in Washington just won't be the same without Rodney Richardson. D.C. born and bred, he has been the scene's first-call guitarist for, well, all of recent memory. That will come as no surprise, considering the frequency and variety of settings in which he's appeared on District bandstands. And his sound! It's a woody, smoky [...]