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ToDo ToDay: Bootleg Shakespeare! Mary Christ Farewell Performance!

Part of what makes the Capital Fringe Festival so exciting is the fast pace at which some of its productions develop. This year’s festival just wrapped, but Taffety Punk Theatre Company won’t let the zany die: Today, the scrappy troupe unveils another installment in its Bootleg Shakespeare series. This year Taffety has picked the Bard’s Love’s [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Double Take at AFI, Oddball Music at Saint-Ex

Tonight, the Alfred Hitchcock retrospective continues at AFI with Johan Grimonprez's surreal, experimental film Double Take. Matt Siblo says, "even when Double Take loses the plot—if it ever had one—it creates an atmosphere with the palpable tension and droll gallows humor that have kept Hitchcock embedded in our cinematic consciousness." The [...]

The Anti-Formalist: A Q&A With Todd Rundgren

Todd Rundgren, you may be surprised to learn, doesn't own a cell phone.
This fact might be unremarkable, except that an embrace of new technologies is the only unifier of this pop eccentric's winding, four-decade career. As a prolific recording artist and producer, Rundgren was an early adapter of the synthesizer, and one of the first [...]