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U Street Music Hall’s Show-Poster Minimalism

Before a cluster of local DJs turned the former Cue Bar at 1115 U St. NW into a dance club, it “looked like a Dave & Buster’s had sex with a Thai restaurant,” co-owner Jesse Tittsworth once told Washington City Paper. The club’s current minimalism couldn’t strike a more different tone: It’s stripped down and utilitarian, [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Diogo Nogueira and Kill All Redneck Pricks

Diogo Nogueira wanted a career as a professional soccer player. But when he hurt his knee after two years with the Cruzeiro team, it was time to change jobs. The Brazilian vocalist’s late father João Nogueira, a samba star, brought his son to shows and jam sessions, often putting him behind the microphone. Diogo began [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Zep Fest, Meek’s Cutoff, Domingo’s Farewell

Ally Schweitzer and I lead this week's arts section with our look into how and why Zep Fest—a massive tribute to Led Zeppelin set to take place Memorial Day weekend at National Harbor—failed. Michael West does a close viewing of three videos featuring saxophonist George Botts Sr.—the only recorded legacy left behind by the late [...]

Arts Roundup: Pro Tips Edition

Barnes Raising: The Washington Post Magazine checks in with Marc Barnes—the former owner of Love nightclub, the current owner of the Park at Fourteenth, and D.C.'s once (and future?) king of upscale nightlife aimed at young, hip African Americans. Barnes became known for his parties in rented spaces and later at Republic Gardens in the 1990s, [...]

U Street Music Hall Has Its First Birthday. Watch It Destroy Things.

We're not big on retrospective articles for their own sake, but it's worth noting that tonight is U Street Music Hall's first anniversary. Jesse Rose, Justin Martin, and hometown heroes Nadastrom are spinning tonight at 9 p.m. And so we bring you this encore showing of "Big Bang Theories," a little film we made last [...]

On U Street Music Hall and Douchebags

A venue's age policy shouldn't be news. When the people behind U Street Music Hall change theirs, however, it apparently kinda is. Since it first turned on its lights last March, the venue has been the only dance club on U Street NW open to 18-and-over crowds, but today it announced a tweak to that [...]

Hearing Aid: DJs Throw a Punk-Style Benefit for Their Ailing Friend, Stereo Faith

On any other Wednesday night, U Street Music Hall’s dance floor would not be packed. There would be no cloud of smoke outside the club’s doors, and there certainly would be no line to get through it.
Then again, if it were any other Wednesday night, Steve McPherson’s head wouldn’t be nine days away from being [...]

Arts Roundup: Keepin’ the Faith Edition

Good morning, everyone! Wednesday's looking at temperatures in the 90s and a 40 percent of thunderstorms. I'm hoping for rain.
U Street Music Hall is hosting "Keepin' the Faith" tonight, a benefit for local DJ Stereo Faith, who's been recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. There's no cover charge, but a $5 donation is requested and [...]

Video: Mad Science Experiments at U Street Music Hall

The smell of burned glue filled the U Street Music Hall on Monday night. Fallen glasses lined the floor behind the bar. A bottle of Ketel One crashed from the shelf.
"Dude, we just knocked the liquor license off the wall," said DJ Will Eastman, one of the owners of the recently opened club.
Moments later, DJ [...]

Shudder to Tweet

Sampling the thought-streams of DC musicians past and present.
-'Losing my' ...lust for porn. Is that what that R.E.M. song was all about!?
-According to the guard, low pants was started cuz they didnt give belts in prison + u would get shit too big. Baggy bottom prison bait
-The word 'hipster' has similarities to the n word.. [...]