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The Breaks: This Week in DMV Hip-Hop

In August’s first installment of the Breaks, I consider the runaway power of Shy Glizzy’s street anthem "Awwsome," a posse cut from producer local export Tittsworth, the introduction of Rob Regal, and some new Black Cobain featuring Wale.
The Awesome Power of Shy Glizzy’s "Awwsome"
I’ll admit it—I thought it was just going to be another local [...]

Listen: The Trillectro Music Festival Mixtape

With the second annual Trillectro festival going down this weekend, the DC to BC team has cranked up promotion for the home stretch: Late last week, Trillectro's promoters (in partnership with Livemixtapes, Karmaloop, and ThrillHD) released an official mixtape for the festival.
Among the highlights on the tape hosted by OG Chase B and DC to BC’s [...]

ToDo ToDay: Temple Grandin! Boris!

Chances are, few Americans regularly consider the treatment of animals on their way to slaughter. But if we all watched the 2010 HBO biopic Temple Grandin, that might change. Grandin radically altered how livestock is treated nationwide based on her extensive research in animal neurology, but when she speaks at Sixth & I tonight, she won’t [...]

ToDo ToDay: Jen Kirkman!

Last year, heavily followed stand-up comic and Chelsea Lately panelist Jen Kirkman quit Twitter and started a Tumblr called MA’AM, or "Men Aligned Against Misogyny," that invited dudes to sound off about sexism and its discontents. Let's hope Kirkman’s minicampaign against Internet-enabled misogyny won her legions of feminist fans. She’s become one [...]

Broccoli City Wants You to Eat Organic Food and Listen to Local Hip-Hop

D.C. residents with disposable income have no problem eating well. The city's poor and working class residents, on the other hand, fall behind the curve when it comes to "green," healthy living. Los Angeles-based "organic lifestyle" group Broccoli City wants to change that with what it's calling the "first urban Earth Day celebration."
Sunday, the "green"-focused [...]

Hip-Hop + Electronic Music = Trillectro Festival

Two months ago, DC to BC blogger Modele "Modi" Oyewole was sitting around with his friends Quinn Coleman and Marcel Marshall. The trio discussed the state of popular music, and what to call the marriage of hip-hop and electronica. "Trillectro," Oyewole recalls telling his friends. The name stuck.
On Aug. 11, Oyewole, Coleman, and Marshall will [...]

Listen: Misun’s The Sea EP

The last time we checked in with local producer and DJ Nacey, he was remixing the Game of Thrones theme song. But before that, he was collaborating with local singer Misun Wojcik on a catchy pop track called "July." Today, Jesse Tittsworth's T&A record label has officially released Misun's debut EP, The Sea, produced with [...]

ToDo ToDay: Go Skateboarding!

In these boom days in D.C., where “entertainment” seems ever more confined to restaurants and bars for well-to-do 30-somethings, what’s an impecunious teenage boy to do? Yeah, there’s the YMCA, summer camp, volunteering, or stuffing bags at Safeway, but those things don’t quite satisfy that nagging teenage desire to say, “Fuck the police.” That’s why [...]

Listen: Tittsworth, Rez, and Des McMahon’s “Juicy Jorts” EP

Today, fans of local producer and DJ Jesse Tittsworth can purchase "Juicy Jorts," his kuduro-tinged four-track collaboration with producers Rez Ekbatan and Des McMahon. At 145 BPM, "U Fine" is a dramatic departure from the slowed-down moombahton material we've come to expect from Tittsworth's T&A Records, though the EP does retain some of moombahton's screaming [...]

ToDo ToDay: Get Your Wonk On

Food politics, in recent years, has mainly been a preoccupation of the left. We liberals thrill to Morgan Spurlock’s cinematic pantsing of McDonald’s and Eric Schlosser’s searing indictment of big agriculture’s labor practices. It’s Democratic political spouses who make politically tinged culinary waves with things like Michelle Obama’s White House vegetable patch or Theresa Heinz Kerry’s [...]