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ToDo ToDay: Bethesda Film Festival, Amateur Porn, and Camp David

Beginning Friday evening, the Bethesda Arts & Entertainment District will spotlight local and regional filmmakers by screening five short documentaries over a two-day span at its second annual festival. Entries include Doing It for Me, a sympathetic examination of high-school dropouts; The Bottom Line, which chronicles the precautions a Howard County firefighter takes prior to the birth [...]

Imarhan Timbuktu and Tinariwen Talk Malian Desert Music and Western Pop

Tonight, Malian desert band Imarhan Timbuktu performs at Bossa and on Saturday Tinariwen, the well-known Saharan desert combo, plays Sixth & I Historic Synagogue. While the appearance of guitar-toting Tuareg musicians with long, flowing robes and oft-covered faces isn't quite a novelty in D.C. anymore, thanks to a number of such groups touring here in recent [...]

How D.C. Filmmakers Documented the Last Festival in the Desert Before Northern Mali Succumbed to War

Three years ago, Andrea Papitto, then the head of a nonprofit in Ghana, called her D.C.–based pal Kiley Kraskouskas, whom she had met at New York University seven years before. Papitto told her about a trip she took to the Festival in the Desert, an annual Malian music event set in the sand dunes [...]

ToDo ToDay: Tinariwen and the Yellowstone River

Where the Yellowstone Goes is therapy for the frazzled urbanite. The 2012 film, directed by Hunter Weeks, documents a 30-day float down the lower 48 states’ longest undammed river, and it’s about as soothing as the real thing. Which is pretty much the point: The film, financed by environmental firm Trout Headwaters Inc. and the [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Spaced Out Desert Trip

The words “jangly” and “surf pop” are thrown around so much today, it can be difficult to tell one band from another. But California’s Ganglians do love tambourines and bells, so “jangly” is fairly literal. The band creates infectiously weird, haunting psychedelic folk rock, something like the soundtrack to a spaced-out desert trip. Ganglians’ first [...]

Tinariwen’s Tassili, Reviewed

It’s hard to know how long a record like Tassili lasts. It’s easy to get lost in, feel transported by, and forget when it all began. There’s no studio trickery to speak of, but the droning, repetitive grooves feel endless in the best way. Songs end when they feel like they should; yet how Tinariwen [...]

International & Roots Music Weekend Roundup: Caribbean Carnival, Folklife Festival, and More

For D.C.’s Caribbean community this is THE weekend—the loud, brash Saturday parade featuring participants in Technicolor costumes plus countless concerts and parties with sound systems turned up to 11.   But if you don't like reggae and soca, this weekend offers numerous other international and roots music choices.  Around this time every year, I run into [...]